Facebook Ads – How to Market Your Business

Market Your Business with Facebook Ads

Once you make the decision to utilize Facebook ads, you can’t just boost your post and hope for the best. That would be pointless and you won’t get the results you’re looking for. You need to define your goals, decide who your audience is, and then create specific content.

Define Your Goals

You can have one or multiple goals; it really depends on your business. Your goals can be broad, or they can be very specific. What matters is that you at least have one. Here are two of the most popular goals businesses choose:

  1. Generating Sales

Why do you want people to see your posts on Facebook? Are you hoping the public will want to buy your product or service? In that case, your goal is generating sales. Driving sales is the most common goal of Facebook Advertisers—and can also be the most complex. When people log onto Facebook, they typically aren’t looking to make a purchase. So if your goal is to drive more sales, you need to add a human element to your post too.

  1. Brand Awareness

If you want to get more likes on your page or more engagement with your posts, then your goal is brand awareness. Brand awareness is one of Facebook’s biggest strengths. If you are a big name brand it’s easy to get likes on your page because people want to be in the know of your business. If you are a smaller business, you can quickly get likes as well, especially if you pay a small sum to promote one of your Facebook posts.

Define Your Audience

Who is your ideal client? Think about it. You can’t just say everyone…you have to narrow it down. Once you do that, when you’re putting in your targeting preferences, target the correct age range and, if your product or service is gender specific, target that gender. Use precise interests to target competitors or interests related to your industry. Custom audiences can be effective to retarget lost customers or engage existing customers.

Create content

Think about your audience. When you’re creating content to put on Facebook, post content that will interest your audience and those you are targeting. An example we like to use is Nike. They know that most of their customers are athletes or those interested in being active. If you look at their Facebook page they share videos of well-known athletes, videos of people wearing their active wear, and also inspirational content. They will then target by age and those interested in sports and being active. These posts will then resonate with their audience and they will begin to build brand awareness and even generate sales.


Before you start boosting and promoting posts, remember you need to define your goals, define your audience, and create the content beforehand.

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