Set Your Marketing Goals and Reach Them Too

Set Your Marketing Goals and Reach Them Too

If you read our last blog, Market Your Business with Facebook Ads, then you learned that it is imperative that you have a marketing goal before you begin promoting your Facebook business page or Facebook posts.

Here’s a refresher: You can have one or multiple goals; it really depends on your business. Your goals can be broad, or they can be very specific. What matters is that you at least have one. We explained to you that two of the most popular goals are:

(1) Creating brand awareness and

(2) Generating sales.

Here are a few ideas of how you can reach one of these two goals using Facebook marketing:

(1) Brand Awareness

  • Run Facebook contests, sweepstakes, or promotions.
  • Respond to all comments on your Facebook page in a timely fashion.
  • Upload product, behind the scenes, or funny relatable photos.
  • Run Facebook polls.
  • Share your blog articles straight after publishing.

(2) Driving Sales

  • Provide a link on your Facebook page to your online store.
  • Feature top products in your cover photo.
  • Post special offers on your Facebook page.
  • Post coupons on your Facebook page.
  • Consistently post pictures of your products or services being used, and don’t forget to humanize your posts.

If you decide to use one of above tactics, remember you can’t simply just create a post and hope for the best. You need to pay a small amount to boost your posts or page to your targeted audience. That small amount though will be worth it once you start getting more engagement on your page, and those sales start coming in.

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