120+ Year Old Multi-location Dry Cleaners Revamps Website

Dry Cleaners (Akron, Ohio)

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Company Overview

City Cleaners, Laundry and Dry Cleaning has been serving the local Akron community for over 120 years. From residential to commercial, and from laundry to alterations they are providing their services by adapting to the latest ways of the industry.

They are offering a remarkable dry cleaning service that includes picking up and dropping laundry at a doorstep.


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Our Approach and Strategy

City Cleaners hired Milia Marketing to design and develop a modern website with a solid foundation for Local Search Engine Optimization. With the advanced SEO techniques, the website started gaining higher ranking on search results, resulting in a impressive increase in organic website visitors. The website was designed to attract customers and urge them to sign up for City Cleaner’s dry cleaning service from their home. Our approach was to demonstrate how simple it is to schedule a ‘pick up’.

City Cleaners came to us looking for proactive ideas on how to break into the crowded Akron, Ohio market, where other competitors and dominant players control a hefty percentage of the total demand.

We came up with several options that were turned into storyboards to help City Cleaners visualize the concepts. We needed to create a very simple way to engage and attract new customers on their website to make their brand memorable and worth sharing through social networks. 


As a local business and Dry Cleaners, they needed to maintain a stream of new customers. The challenge is that the competition is getting tougher each day. some people might suppose that a dry cleaning business is not going to benefit from digital marketing. That’s not true, a business will benefit from digital marketing, whether it’s local or not.

The real challenge that ‘City Cleaners and Laundry’ faced was to develop a website with a friendly user experience. Due to the complicated design of the website, their bounce rate was very high and most visitors left without taking action. They were failing to find the perfect balance between technical and marketing aspects of the website, which resulted in huge revenue loss. What they wanted was to have a website that would be simple and easy to access.

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