Multi-Location Dry Cleaning Chain Increases Goal Completion by 2,069% Through Lead Generation

Dry Cleaners (Akron, Ohio)

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Company Overview

City Cleaners, Laundry and Dry Cleaning is a multi-location chain of dry cleaners headquartered in Akron, Ohio. It has provided laundry services for over 120 years. It operates 6 busy storefront locations and began its full-service laundry delivery services several years ago.

Despite the company’s longevity and successes, its fourth generation owners, Richard and Jeff Sitz, are committed to continuing to grow the brand through new paid media advertising and lead generation strategies. This project comes after it completely revamped its website, from a new website design and copywriting to deploying search engine optimization on the site.


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The results of these efforts were astonishing. In the first four months after launching the new campaigns, City Cleaners experienced a 44% increase in overall website sessions. 6,380 of these users were brand new visitors to the website. It also saw a 2,069% increase in goal completion on its website. Together, this meant that instead of a few sign-ups a week for the company’s laundry delivery services, it saw at least 1 to 2 new signups each day.

In terms of costs, the cost of acquisition for these new customers was quite low. The YouTube ad campaign drove 1,932 clicks to the company’s website at an average cost of 70 cents per click with a 1.54% click thru rate. More importantly, City Cleaners had a 65% increase in the number of new phone calls placed by customers to the business.

The videos succeeded in increasing their online presence and home delivery sign ups. Jeff Sitz, an owner of City Cleaners, said, “I really like all of the videos that we’re using, and even better, it’s getting our customers to talk about us. I’m looking forward to making more videos in the near future.”

Facebook is notoriously a platform that can be challenging for small businesses to succeed through ads. All too often, business owners waste money trying out Facebook ads without the right targeting efforts and campaigns. With the help of Milia Marketing, City Cleaners was able to generate 3,135 clicks for their Facebook ads at the minimal cost of $1.15 cost per click.

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Our Approach and Strategy

City Cleaners partnered once again with Milia Marketing to come up with a new plan to utilize various digital marketing channels to reach new customers and sustain its growth. Its owners wanted to grow the brand, educate customers about their home delivery service, and increase its online presence. With Milia Marketing, its owners knew that they’d be able to measure and see the results of these efforts.

Our team worked strategically to develop and implement several new campaigns involving paid social media and Google ads, video ads, and retargeting efforts. We created a comprehensive campaign that included:

We started the project by actively listening to City Cleaners to identify the unique value proposition best suited to sell services to new customers. We utilized this concept to create a series of ads that ultimately increased the business’s online presence and sign-ups for its home delivery service. None of the other dry cleaners in the area utilized video marketing, so it was the perfect way to help City Cleaners stand out from its competition. 

Using variations of these videos, we used two ad formats on YouTube: a skippable in-stream ad or an in-feed video ad. These ads were very targeted, so City Cleaners only paid for viewers living in the narrow service area they serve and who were in its target market. We also created video content for each stage of the sales funnel, with a focus on including the right value propositions. Then, we reviewed each video’s performance metrics to identify the top-performing videos. 


As a local business focused on providing the best value to its customers, City Cleaners didn’t want to waste resources experimenting with broad and untargeted digital marketing ads that cost a lot of money and failed to convert new customers. Rather, it needed to skip the trial and error process and make the most of the money it invested in digital advertising.

Between its large volume of customer orders and regular business operations, City Cleaners didn’t have the time or resources to try to experiment with digital marketing on its own. The company wanted to work with experts to create a series of winning campaigns from the start.

In addition, City Cleaners were faced with the challenge of being different and unique compared to other local dry cleaning companies. They were looking for brand validation, awareness, and needed a marketing campaign that would capture their customers’ attention.

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