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Company Overview

Customer Service Revolution, a top-rated customer service conference in Cleveland, Ohio, partnered with us to transform their online presence from low visibility to top-of-the-list. The company’s annual event is held every year in North America, drawing in businesses of all sizes and industries who are eager to upgrade their customer service knowledge, skills, and best practices.

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Our Cleveland Event Marketing Approach and Strategy

The way we approach any project as a national event marketing agency is through customization. No two companies are exactly the same, so no two strategies will ever be replicated. So, our team tailored a specific, defined event digital marketing plan just for Customer Service Revolution. Our approach and strategy was heavily focused on digital ads, conversion testing, and specific targeting.

A/B Testing

Conversion rate optimization is a big-ticket item for any digital marketing strategy. If you don’t know your conversion rate, it makes it difficult to measure how well you’re really doing. We went a step further than just measuring conversions. A/B testing was completed on everything from wording to color choices. We want to know what works and have the data to prove it.

Paid Media Advertising Campaigns

We focused heavily on search and retargeting through paid Google ads. For example, if someone were to search “customer service conference” through Google, that person would then be shown our ads for Customer Service Revolution. Website retargeting was also a focus. When someone visited the CSR website, they would then be retargeted with a Google display banner ad to draw them back to the site and complete an action.

National Event Marketing Challenges

We put our critical thinking hats on and brainstormed for the perfect solutions to each challenge.

Challenge #1 – Reach & Awareness

Customer Service Revolution was experiencing challenges with reach. More specifically, reaching outside of their own database and getting in front of new people who would want to register for the conference as an attendee or speaker. Their limited reach was the first challenge we tackled, using a refined digital marketing strategy to cast a wide net and attract new faces to their event- both attendees & keynote speakers.

Challenge #2 – Driving Ticket Sales

Overall, the main challenge was growing the attendee registration via digital marketing in ways the company had never done before. Naturally, low ticket sales went hand-in-hand with a low reach. So, we were able to utilize paid digital ads, SEO, and keyword search retargeting to address both challenges in one go.

In the end, we were able to solve each challenge with an individualized approach that led to astronomical success for Customer Service Revolution (and a feeling of satisfaction for everyone on our team).

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