Boosting Occupancy Rates and Revenue for Multi-Location Camping Grounds with Milia Marketing's Expert Google Ads Campaigns

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A multi-location real estate rental camping grounds company experienced significant growth in occupancy rates and revenue through a strategic partnership with Milia Marketing. This case study explores the challenges faced by the company, the solutions provided by Milia Marketing through Google Search Ads and Google Display Remarketing campaigns, and the impressive results achieved by this collaboration.

Client Background

The client, a multi-location real estate rental camping grounds company, offers campers a unique and memorable outdoor experience across several prime locations. With a variety of amenities and a focus on customer satisfaction, the company strives to provide the perfect getaway for camping enthusiasts.


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Milia Marketing’s expert Google Ads campaigns led to impressive results for the multi-location real estate rental camping grounds company:
  1. A significant increase in online visibility, ensuring the company appeared in front of potential customers searching for camping experiences.
  2. Higher click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates, resulting from the targeted and engaging Google Search Ads and Google Display Remarketing campaigns.
  3. A substantial boost in occupancy rates and revenue across all locations, demonstrating the effectiveness of Milia Marketing’s tailored approach.
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Our Solution

Milia Marketing provided a tailored approach focusing on Google Search Ads and Google Display Remarketing campaigns to address the client’s challenges:
  1. Google Search Ads: Milia Marketing developed and managed targeted search ad campaigns to increase the camping grounds company’s visibility on Google when potential customers searched for camping or outdoor experiences. By using precise keywords, ad copy, and optimization techniques, Milia Marketing ensured the ads resonated with the target audience.
  2. Google Display Remarketing: Milia Marketing implemented Google Display Remarketing campaigns to re-engage potential customers who had previously visited the company’s website but did not complete a booking. By displaying visually appealing ads on various websites and platforms, Milia Marketing kept the camping grounds company top of mind and encouraged potential customers to return and book their camping experience.


The camping grounds company faced a competitive market, struggling to attract new customers and fill available slots at their multiple locations. They needed a targeted and effective marketing strategy to increase their online visibility, reach their target audience, and ultimately, boost occupancy rates and revenue.

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