Kitchen and Bath Showroom Increases Conversions by Revamping Their Digital Marketing

Countertop Supplier (Eastlake, Ohio)

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Company Overview

Firenza Stone is a leading home improvement brand located in Eastlake, Ohio. It provides a luxurious and impressive range of granite, marble, and engineered stone for countertops, flooring, cabinetry, and more. Plus, the store helps its customers develop a perfect living space according to their tastes, preferences, and budget.

The results of website migration, redesigning, and SEO for Firenza Stone were outstanding. Their clicks improved by 1027.4%, while the average CPC (cost per click) reduced by 14.4%. Through our efforts, their website’s conversion rate improved by 651.3% within the first few months. The company expects to achieve even better numbers in the near future.


Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

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Our Kitchen and Bath Approach and Strategy

The Milia Marketing team; a kitchen and bath marketing agency,  performed a thorough analysis and research of the client’s industry. Based on our analysis, we developed a professional-looking website to migrate their old site to the new platform using the latest technology and tools. We did a complete website design redo, search engine optimization, and digital performance audit to ensure a highly responsive, easy-to-navigate, and fast website.

Our content specialists also curated a professional website copy for their website. We launched their website after performing thorough performance and security testing using the latest tools and techniques. Moreover, we developed a unique SEO and Facebook digital marketing conversion strategy to improve their website traffic and digital marketing conversions.

In addition to our previous efforts, we have recently embarked on a new initiative to further enhance Firenza Stone’s digital marketing strategy. Recognizing the power of video content in today’s digital landscape, we have developed a comprehensive video ad campaign strategy tailored to different stages of a Firenza Stone customer’s sales cycle.

1. Engaging Main Ads – Awareness Stage

The first series of video ads are designed to introduce the Firenza Stone brand to potential customers. These ads feature sleek copy, graphics, and visuals that highlight the benefits of Firenza Stone and why someone should buy from them. The goal is to provide viewers with a high-level overview of the company and the benefits of their offerings in a polished and engaging format.

2. Retargeting Ads – Interest/Desire Stages

The second series of ads are designed for retargeting. These are served to potential customers who have seen one of the main video ads, visited the Firenza Stone website, but have not yet taken action. These videos “break the 4th wall” and encourage the viewer to take the next step in their customer journey.

This two-pronged approach to video advertising is designed to attract and grow Firenza Stone’s customer base, while breaking down any reservations the viewer may have about the brand. The end result is a transformation of cold leads into warm ones, and a professional representation of the Firenza Stone brand that will serve the company for years to come.

Our Ad Creative

Retargeting Ad #1

Retargeting Ad #2

Main Ad

Kitchen & Bath Marketing Challenges

Firenza Stone wanted a website migration from a legacy platform to the latest eCommerce platform that truly represents their brand. They wanted a sleek and professional look. Plus, they needed the site to be user-friendly and SEO optimized to drive more organic traffic and boost conversions.

 The company also requested a relevant and engaging website and marketing content to develop their authority in their niche. Moreover, they wanted to increase their social media engagement through robust Facebook advertising.

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