Cleveland Podiatrist Increases Revenue by 40% Through Google Ads Marketing

Podiatrist in Cleveland, Ohio

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Company Overview

Cornerstone Foot Care is about more than podiatry—they are about helping people feel great and be well. Cornerstone Footcare has been serving patients from their Euclid office since 2011, where they established a reputation for delivering personable patient care. Then, in 2015, they expanded their offices to their second location in Cleveland, to bring their services to a broader range of patients using podiatrist marketing. 

Both of their offices work closely with local primary care physicians to provide the best care for their patients.  



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Our Podiatrist Digital Marketing Approach and Strategy

Cornerstone Footcare reached out to Milia Marketing to increase their podiatry online market share and new patient leads within the Cleveland, Ohio market for their 2 locations. Their long-term goal is to expand locations in the Ohio market using podiatrist digital marketing campaigns including SEO for podiatrists to increase their podiatry revenue.

Through a series of highly targeted podiatrist digital remarketing campaigns and podiatry Google ads, we were able to re engage with website visitors on a granular level, ensuring that our ads were relevant with what the potential customers of our campaign were interested in on site.

This approach allowed us to offer the right service and call-to-action at the right time. This combined with our bespoke designed creatives provided the trust factor needed to persuade new patients on the fence to commit and inquire about scheduling their appointment with the doctor(s).

We targeted audiences through a multi funnel strategy using podiatry Google Ads within a 15-mile radius.

Cornerstone Footcare Cleveland Google Ads
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