Cleveland To Become One Of The Tech Hotspots In 2022

Cleveland To Become One Of The Tech Hotspots In 2022

Although the year 2019 marked a striking decline in the economic growth of Cleveland, the impact of the 2020 pandemic saw a lot of businesses in the city move from physical market to online marketplace; hence, the increasing need for remote businesses. To cater to the need of the rising online presence of businesses, computer-based company operations have become paramount. That’s why Cleveland is becoming one of the emerging tech hubs in Ohio — because more tech companies and entrepreneurs are coming into the scene in recent years and much more are predicted for 2022.

Moreover, recent data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that tech jobs will grow by 11% over the next decade and will add more than 500,000 jobs to the economy by 2029. If the study above is anything to go by, then Cleveland is not only going to employ more tech workers but will be a tech hotspot and one of the pacesetters in building a digital economy in the future.

Cleveland Is Currently In The 2022 Race For Technology Talent

With the devastating effect of COVID-19 in 2020, it’s safe to say that a reset button was pressed and the resultant migration of talent can only be compared to that which took place after World War II.

In other words, tens of thousands of American job seekers (whether entry-level or pro) are undergoing a mass exodus from tech hubs like New York City, Seattle, and Bay Area. Research published in Silicon Valley Business Journal indicates that out of the 3300 Bay Area tech jobs seekers, 15% have relocated as a result of the increasing rate of remote jobs in the post-pandemic labor community.

The question now is, to where are they relocating?

Of course, most of them are headed towards Ohio and to other so-called emerging tech cities like San Francisco and Detroit.

That explains why there is more influx of in-demand computer experts and tech professionals with advanced data science skills into the Cleveland labor market in recent times, making Cleveland a top contender in the race for technology talent come 2022.

According to data extracted recently from LinkedIn and reported by Alex Kantrowitz for a weekly newsletter titled “Big Technology”, the biggest tech migration increase in the country in many years took place in Madison with a 74% increase of incoming tech professionals compared to the past year. Cleveland, on the other hand, is the second top gainer of tech jobs for the majority of last year, while other Midwest cities like Chicago and Kansas City are also on the high side.

This is reinforced by the research detailing the 2020 rankings on migration growth (of the 50 states) released by U-Haul two weeks ago. In this data, Ohio was in fourth place while California (a renowned tech city) occupied 50th place. Also, the market analysis by Zillow shows that markets situated in the middle of Silicon Prairie

This goes a long way to show the direction most migrants are headed in recent times and from all indications, this migration pattern of talents will continue in 2022 and beyond.

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Some Top Cleveland Tech Startups To Look Out For

Some Top Cleveland Tech Startups To Look Out For

Given Cleveland’s heightening tech potential, it’s unsurprising the city has witnessed significant growth in the number of startups over the past few years. Depending on the services you are looking to access — whether you are looking to discover innovative ways to automate workflows or simply a company that can handle all your tech-related issues — here are some reliable startup tech companies in Cleveland to look out for:

1. CHAMPtitles

CHAMPtitles: tech start-up in Cleveland | Milia Marketing

Founded in 2018, CHAMPtitles has flourished in the Cleveland tech industries at least in 2020 and 2021. The key focus of CHAMPtitles is Vehicle Title Management. In other words, they aim to optimize the management of vehicle titles with the help of their proprietary technology.

As one of the best startups in Cleveland, the company collaborates with each party in the vehicle title system to lower costs in handling titles. In a nutshell, CHAMPtitles typically seeks to put an end to the dependence on legacy systems to handle vehicle titles in the U.S. 

2. DigitalC

DigitalC: tech start-up in Cleveland | Milia Marketing

DigitalC was founded in 2015 as a community-based NGO established to bolster technology within communities and ensure that digital empowerment is brought to the grassroots level.

DigitalC strives to achieve digital equity where everyone is carried along in terms of digital education (in skills like web and software development) and to significantly boost the human capital resources for economic growth and vitality.

“We don’t measure success in profit margins but rather in lives impacted,” said the company in an official statement.

The mission of DigitalC, in a nutshell, is to “empower the people of greater Cleveland to achieve success through technology, innovation, and connected community.”

To achieve the mission above, DigitalC has established EmpowerCLE, a reliable, wireless, high-speed Internet service to provide the people of Cleveland with the connectivity they need for economic growth at little or no cost.

3. Axuall

Axuall: tech start-up in Cleveland | Milia Marketing

Axuall is another Midwest startup established in 2018 and has grown in prominence that it was honored in both 2020 and 2021 awards for best tech companies (startups) in Cleveland. The focus of Axuall is on Digital Credential Verification and Authentication. And their mission is to enable users to organize their credentials and ensure a real-time sharing of digital proof with healthcare organizations to improve quality of life.

Axuall also aims to support healthcare systems to reduce the burden of paperwork while promoting access to care, accelerating revenue, and reducing operating costs.

4. tech start-up in Cleveland | Milia Marketing

Last but not least among the Cleveland tech firms projected to become a hotspot come 2022 is Established in 2018, seeks to offer workflow automation software to provide small and medium-scale businesses with digital transformation. The company’s software delivers a low-code alternative to create automated procedures and upload them on platforms like Google Cloud.

In short, typically builds a bridge that connects businesses and developer tools. 


Cleveland Is Currently In The 2022 Race For Technology Talent

After 2020, traditional tech hubs like Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area are no longer the typical cities for tech workers or large tech companies to grow. These megacities are no longer even ideal for the establishment of new startups.

The high cost of living necessitated by the rapidly growing housing cost in these areas; the high cost of tools for doing business, and the saturation of firms that are in constant competition to control the limited number of tech talents have pushed most of the tech companies to channel their attention to Midwest cities like Cleveland, Ohio. And this change of attention is expected to continue in 2022 and years to come.

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