Fastest Growing Pest Control Company in The U.S. Succeeds with Facebook Advertising

Pest Control (Nationwide)

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Company Overview

Aptive Environmental is the Fastest Growing Pest Control company in the United States. They deliver their excellent services nationwide and won many awards including 3 Stevie awards in 2020 for “Fastest Growing Company”, “Achievement in Management – Professional Services”, and “Company of the Year”. In 2019, it was ranked at the youngest company featured on Glassdoor’s 2019 100 Best Places to work in America, and was ranked the 11th-largest pest control company in the nation by PCT. Being far ahead of its competitors, Aptive Environmental is proud to bring innovative technology with modern pest control methods and active in the local communities.


Pest Control (B2C)

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Qualified Facebook Leads


Our Approach and Pest Control Marketing Plan

Milia Marketing worked with Aptive Environmental on a local and regional level. We were hired to advertise job recruiting campaigns geared toward attracting college-aged recruits for Summer jobs. This opportunity was primarily for students looking for a Summer job that had 2-4 months to dedicate towards learning about Sales, Pest Control, and Door to Door sales. 

We ran Facebook Ad campaigns to attract many universities and colleges such as Ohio University, University of Akron, Cleveland State University, Kent State University, etc. Our approach was to target students through social media platforms for which we also did photography and videography production sessions. 

The ads were designed to drive them to a landing page for detailed information. We laid out all the information they needed on the landing page to help them understand all about the job. The landing page was designed to have the student or prospect fill out a quick “Request a Call Back” form to allow the local Aptive Reps to call them back and schedule a meeting

Check out an example Ad Video we used to drive new leads below:

Pest Control Marketing Plan Challenges

Aptive Environmental is a huge brand name among its competitors. And they gained their success by reaching a far and wide customer base. However, having sufficient employees in different provincial areas is difficult. For that matter, their ad campaigns focused on a local level to target local college students that were looking for a summer job.

The real challenge was to reach out to college and university students every summer and then train them. Their failure to hire good talent often left them understaffed and they lost a lot of potential revenue. 

Setting the expectations early on with out marketing and advertising campaigns and landing pages allowed our conversion rate to increase and their close rate to increase. Summer sales and door to door sales is a tough job and it’s not for everyone. The messaging had to be clear to convey the risk/reward for each interested recruit.

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