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Evaluate Your UX With Our Heuristic Analysis To Boost Conversions

One of the most dwindling effects on conversion rate is a poorly designed website that does not consider users. The process of getting users to click on your website link to the point of making the desired decisions is influenced by how usable your website is.

If you are wondering why your website is getting loads of traffic, but users are not taking the actions you want, there might be a problem with your UX design. 

This is because website users already know what needs to be where on a website. If they visit your website and can’t easily find these features, they assume they’re unavailable and make a U-turn. We can help you improve user retention by analyzing the website and finding possible UX drawbacks.

This results in improved user engagement and retention, increased leads and conversions, and a more balanced website that satisfies both the search engines and the users.

Let Us Access Your Website’s User Friendliness To Help Optimize Conversion Rates

Let us give your website a competitive edge on search engines by keeping users engaged and interested in your content. Below are a few UI/UX design principles against which we will test your website.

UX (User Experience)

UI (User Interface)

After conducting the heuristic audit and determining what the problems are, we will create categories:




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Let Us Access Your Website’s User Friendliness To Help Optimize Conversion Rates

Our team of web developers and UX designers is highly skilled and experienced in finding the best ways to present your website to users to keep them active, engaged, and returning. We test your website against a long list of UX requirements and determine which ones need to be improved, changed, or removed.

Milia Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency with years of experience creating aesthetically pleasing, SEO-optimized, super-fast, UX-optimized websites. We help businesses in several industries boost their online presence, increase qualified leads, and retain users.

Find out if we are a good fit for your business, and let us know how we can get your business ahead of the competition.

Workflow/Process of Heuristic UX Audit

Want us to perform a heuristic evaluation of your website to improve usability and boost conversion? All you need to do is fill out our discovery form to request further information about this service and pricing. 

Our UI/UX experts will walk you through areas of your website that require the UX audit and areas of improvement. To help you identify UX issues, we will conduct an in-depth heuristic UX audit on your entire website, report what we discovered, and suggest improvements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We typically test your website against several UX design principles to ascertain if it meets the requirements of a standard, user-friendly website. We take your website through several stages of evaluation and analysis to find design mistakes and problems that may hinder your conversions in the future. Once the evaluation and audit are completed, we debrief you on what needs to be done, and you can send that to a developer to make the adjustments.

Heuristic evaluation and analysis can cost up to $4,000, more or less, depending on the size of your website and the stage of design your website is in. Call us today for an estimate.

Although both terms are similar, they are different because the tests are carried out differently. With heuristic evaluation, a professional tests your website against a long predetermined list of UX principles that every usable website should follow and reports the findings to you. A usability test, on the other hand, lets real-life users try out the website interface with some fundamental tasks and wait for their verdict.

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