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Company Overview

Scare Your Soul is an organization that helps people push comfort zones and tackle their fears so that they can lead the best lives possible. They are founded on the field of positive psychology. This is a volunteer-led, science-based movement that inspires people to ignite their best selves through living a courageous life.


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Digital Marketing Performed for Membership Site

Our Digital Marketing Membership Agency Approach and Strategy

We started with developing a website that was focused on building a global community. We talked with many community members and learned how these people interacted with each other and what were the important features that they required on their website. We put special focus on the positive impact this community created on each other while proactively incorporating ideas to increase member engagement with new challenges, blog articles, videos, and more.

We created a Community and Membership portal that allowed users to sign up for free or paid memberships on one of the best membership platforms. The portal restricted access depending on the level of membership that you signed up for. 

This allowed the Scare Your Soul organization to prioritize campaigns and focus on what their community wanted. 

The new website, email outreach, and other digital marketing campaigns including paid digital campaigns had to be mobile optimized as their target audience (and Google’s priority) prioritized mobile-first. Using effective imagery on the website allowed Scare Your Soul to keep concise wording and the ability to clearly illustrate key points in a quick and powerful way.

Your website is not an expense, it’s an investment. Nonprofit websites have come a long way in the last decade. The most successful ones utilize a variety of marketing tools—everything from brand recognition and credibility to engagement, revenue and of course, performance. Understanding what questions to ask and the top considerations in a nonprofit website redesign is the first step in making it a valuable asset that advances the mission and drives success. 

Membership Site Marketing Challenges & Solutions

The main challenge for the Scare Your Soul organization was to bring the people together and form a community of like-minded people. This organization is present in many different countries, and physically recruiting people in different countries would require tremendous amount of resources that were impossible for this organization.

They needed their website to serve as a platform where people could sign up to become a part of this community and get help from the community, digitally. For this purpose, they wanted someone who could not only work on the technical side of the website but also the operational side and handle all the work without much guidance to achieve their goals and come up with membership site marketing ideas. 

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