Local Non Profit Organization Revamps Their Social Media Marketing

Non-Profit Organization (Beachwood, Ohio)

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Company Overview

Believe In Dreams’ mission is to fulfill the dreams of economically disadvantaged youth who have survived non-medical adversity by providing access to enriching opportunities, connection to the community, and hope for the future.

Believe in Dreams improved its outreach dramatically with an effective non-profit social media strategy. They saw healthy growth in their social media followers and their posts’ engagement improved massively. The monthly digital performance reporting has highlighted their weak areas and helped them improve


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Our Non-Profit Digital Marketing Agency Approach and Strategy

The Milia Marketing team tested and optimized the performance of the website to facilitate the visitors to take action. We fixed bugs and glitches in their website to ensure smooth functionality and optimal performance. This improved the user experience on their website and reduced their bounce rate. We also performed an SEO audit of their website to increase their visibility in the search results and drive organic traffic locally to Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding cities.

To increase their outreach in the community, we helped them form an effective non-profit social media marketing strategy. We found that videos created a more positive impact on their target audience, so the strategy incorporated proactive ideas to consistently use videos to their advantage. 

Trust is the single most important asset nonprofit organizations have. Your brand and word marks are important symbols of that trust and the more they’re diluted, the less likely donors and volunteers are to work with you.

Social media is one of the most important ways that the organization communicates with families, donors, and volunteers, sponsor organizations, and the community at large. It is often dynamic and moves quickly with the volume of posts averaging three to five per day and the marketing mix ranging from shared local press to native video content across five major platforms.

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Non-Profit Social Media Strategy Challenges

The biggest challenge for Believe In Dreams was to create a non-profit social media marketing strategy. Prior to hiring us, they had no digital marketing strategy or social media marketing strategy. As a young non-profit organization, they had very limited resources and limited experience in running a successful campaign. They could not get enough attention on social media and their interns had limited knowledge of social media marketing, creating engaging posts, and understanding analytics.

As a non-profit organization helping disadvantaged youth, it was vital for Believe In Dreams to reach out to the public for consistent growth. 

Attracting more donors, corporate sponsors, educating and informing the community, and helping families is the main goal of their social media marketing efforts so being consistent and effective had to be a high priority for the team.

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