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Are your manufacturing digital marketing efforts proving unfruitful or providing low results that do not match the amount you spend? You need a complete overhaul and improvement of your digital marketing strategy.
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What Is Holding Your Manufacturing And Distribution Business Back From Online Success?

As a manufacturer and distributor trying to conquer internet marketing and become an authority to reckon with in your industry, there are certain challenges you will face. Below is a list of those challenges that you probably currently face:

Granted, you have one of the best products and an amazing offer. However, wholesalers will only buy from manufacturers they can find when searching for the products you offer. 

How We Manufacture and Design Results-focused Strategies for Manufacturers and Distributors

To take your manufacturing company from where you are to where you want to be, you need a combination of our digital marketing services. Our primary aim is to help you maximize your marketing dollars and record a higher turnover, allowing you to aim for higher marketing KPIs.

They include the following:

Website Design and Development

Getting users to visit your website takes a lot of work, but all that work can go to waste if your website doesn’t provide basic UX features to keep them engaged and interested. Our strategy begins with developing a website that fully represents your brand image, loads within three (3) seconds, helps you get found on search engines, is super-easy for users to navigate, and is optimized for conversions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO experts will help you rank high for all your money keywords and boost the number of organic traffic. This traffic will lead to more leads, higher conversions, and more sales. We use a well-researched strategy tailored to your business to put your company in front of buyers needing your products.
We will ensure that customers in every location you serve find your business and choose you from all the other competitors to buy the products. We will place you in a position of authority in the manufacturing industry to give you an edge over the competition.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Potential patients will find you more easily with ads targeted directly to them. Let us help get your ads on the first pages of several search engines for your money keywords. Want to know how we do PPC ads? Find out now.

Website Accessibility

Avoid litigations and negative public opinions by ensuring your website is accessible to physically disabled audiences who may want to patronize your business. We will help you cater to these website users without changing the effectiveness of your website to other website users.

Social Media Advertising

We will leverage the power of social media to get your company in front of millions of potential wholesalers and retailers looking for your products. Our social media strategy involves researching your best audience, researching the best ways to connect with them, posting engaging social media content that keeps them glued to your business, and creating social media ads that pull them to your website and business.

Programmatic Advertising

Let our expert digital advertisers get your ads in front of potential customers that best fit your description of the perfect customer. Instead of targeting a broad demographic like age, occupation, and gender, we use this method to target the perfect customer at the right time and in their preferred channels. This increases the chances of making a sale per ad more than ever.

We use an automated process of targeting that ensures your ads are placed in front of ready-to-buy wholesalers and dealers.

eCommerce Website Developmentt

If your current website doesn't help you properly manage inventory and sell to the right customers, then there's something you're doing wrong. An eCommerce website should be super-navigable, SEO-friendly, provide 24/7 customer support, load super-fast, and help you manage your inventory as easy as possible. This is what we provide at Milia Marketing.

From product search to check-out, we design an eCommerce website that provides an ease to you and your customers. To help you achieve this, we would use two of the best eCommerce platforms ever created; Shopify and WooCommerce. Let us help you reconstruct and redesign your website and improve sales.

What sets our Manufacturing and Distribution digital marketing agency apart from the rest?

Milia Marketing is a detail-oriented, results-focused, and customer-centric digital marketing company with a primary focus on helping manufacturers and distributors hit all digital marketing KPIs. We have helped several clients achieve insurmountable success, and we want to help you achieve that as well.

Here’s why manufacturers and distributors trust us.

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The easiest way to grow your manufacturing business in a competitive environment is to do better than your competitors and win a huge chunk of the market share. We are your best chance of achieving that.

Trust Milia Marketing to manufacture or redesign your digital marketing strategy to get your business where you want it to be. Let us make you a leading, trusted, and high-value manufacturer and distributor in your industry. Schedule a discovery call with us today to discuss how we can help your manufacturing company achieve success.