Digital Marketing For Direct-To-Consumer Ecommerce Brands

At Milia Marketing, we check all those boxes and more with our eCommerce development service to help you improve sales, build a trustworthy online image, and become an industry leader.
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A winning eCommerce website must check all the following boxes:

Our Digital Marketing Solutions For D2C eCommerce Businesses

All our digital marketing solutions for your eCommerce business are aimed at helping you become a better seller and a more trustworthy source for your products. Here’s how we will help you achieve that. 

They include the following:

eCommerce Website Design and Development

Our eCommerce design and development professionals will create a website that represents your brand image, is navigable, and ranks high for all your money keywords on several search engines, helping you gain more organic traffic and leads. We test every design to ensure users can find everything they need on the website.

From product search to check-out, your customers will find complete ease and return for more.

eCommerce Website Migrations

If you want to transfer your entire website into a different eCommerce platform, our experts can help you. We offer Shopify and WooCommerce development services, two of the most trusted eCommerce websites, to help you scale up.

Search Engine Optimization

Get found on search engines and increase your chances of gaining more new customers from organic traffic. Our SEO services will help you rank high for keywords that help you earn money on search engines. We will design a strategy that helps users find you in every location you serve.

Pay-per-click Advertising

Let's get you in front of your target customers using targeted PPC ads based on demographics, including age, occupation, income, and more. Stop wasting good marketing dollars on untested and unproven ads that don't yield profit. D2C eCommerce agency will help you reduce CPC while boosting leads and conversions.

Social Media Advertising and Management

Increase your social media presence and make loyal customers of social media users looking for your services. We will ensure that relevant, well-researched content is posted to your social media account promptly. We will also set up social media advertising campaigns that help you pull in leads from different social media platforms best fit for your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization

It's not enough to get organic traffic. The traffic needs to be converted to qualified leads. Our D2C eCommerce agency will increase conversion rates by testing several proven methodologies and fishing out what may be slowing down or deterring your website users from making the decisions you want.

Heuristic UX Audit and Evaluation

A good website should be easy to navigate. Users already have a mental imprint of where buttons and widgets should be placed on a website. When they visit your website, and these features are flung all over the place, they quickly turn back. Our experts will conduct several UX audits to find out UX flaws that the designers overlooked.

Programmatic Advertising

Let us place your ad in front of your ready-to-buy customers on their most preferred platforms and at the right time. With programmatic advertising, we target ads with super-detailed demographics that help us aim the ads to potential customers with a higher chance of buying from you. This allows you to cut advertising costs and increase the conversion rate.

Website Accessibility

Avoid getting caught in the web of negative public opinion and litigations by ensuring that your website meets the legal requirements to cater to people with disabilities. Our experts will ensure that your website offers a great experience to users with disabilities without affecting the experience of other users.

Why We Are Your Best Chance At Reaching And Exceeding Your Goals

Milia Marketing is a detail-oriented, results-focused digital marketing agency for D2C eCommerce companies. We pay close attention to everything that can make or mar your success and apply the required methodology to either retain or remove it.

Here’s why we are the best D2C eCommerce agency for your business:

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