Insurance Agency Taps into Facebook Advertising for Medicare Campaigns

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Company Overview

Strachan Novak offers personal insurance, business insurance, and life and health insurance services all over Ohio. They are an independent insurance agent who represents many top-rated insurance companies. Strachan Novak provides ultimate convenience at the right prices to its clients by leveraging Facebook ads for insurance .

Strachan Novak Insurance has been serving the Northeastern Ohio businesses and people for over 70 years. They pride themselves on being one of the top agents in the area.
Their primary objective is to provide the insurance protection that is needed to protect assets and then find the best price from the various insurance companies they represent. 
“We don’t sell insurance, we help you buy it better.”


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Facebook Ads for Insurance Approach and Strategy

The Milia Marketing team ran targeted ads for the Facebook audience that were 64 years or older. Our team created attention-grabbing graphics and added  compelling ad copy for the custom audience. These ads attracted the attention of our target audience and proved to be highly successful. The Medicare insurance package that Strachan Novak were selling was only available for a limited time during open enrollment from October 2020 to December 2020. 

To get more efficient results, we utilized their already existing database of Strachan Novak’s customer base to target a relevant audience. We sorted the data to understand the demographics of our audience that were most likely to purchase or inquire about Medicare. The graphics and ad copy on Facebook were constantly rotated with fresh content due to the high consumption nature of the social media platform along with the Holiday season quickly approaching. 

Given these circumstances, many organizations withhold most of their marketing budget for Black Friday promotions which diluted performance on other ad campaigns.

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Facebook Marketing For Insurance Challenges

The main challenge for Strachan Novak was to sell an insurance policy to people that were aged 64 years or older. It was challenging because the insurance market is very competitive and it has razor-thin margins of error. Their  marketing strategy was limited, and lacked the research needed to compete with the other plays in the market. However, the biggest challenge for Strachan Novak was to market their services given a limited budget of $3100 for 2-months worth of advertising. Their small budget and limited experience severely limited their options and they had to make sure that they get return on their every cent.

With a limited budget going into Quarter 4, all organizations advertising on Social Media platforms will experience that Black Friday campaigns are starting and other organizations pour their marketing budget into this single day/week.

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