9 Key Elements To Grow Shopify Store in 2024 (and Beyond)



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When you are using an eCommerce platform for your business, you are partnering with one in disguise!

Selecting a store managing software that helps you over every step in your eCommerce business is like a blessing in disguise. Similarly, when we talk of such reliable eCommerce platforms, Shopify is one such provider that tops the chart.

Providing every size of business with an opportunity to excel in the eCommerce space, Shopify allows you to manage and execute every operation over your store without relying on a team to carry out operations.

Now, when you execute your business operations over such a dynamic platform, you would definitely want to make the most out of your operations.

Yes, we understand the curiosity to excel. Interestingly, if you can manage certain Shopify elements, you can quickly improve your revenues and sales.

Want to know more? Let’s check out the key elements for growth. But before that, let’s get started with some basics…

What is Shopify?

In technical terms, Shopify is a cloud-based software that allows different eCommerce businesses to run their operations without any hindrance. Backing up businesses with reliable means, this platform enables businesses to execute their operations from scratch.

Rolling out on monthly subscriptions, this cloud-storage allows stores to upload information around their products and process orders, sales & revenue.

Being the third-largest proprietary platform, Shopify is a one-stop solution that allows businesses to start their operations from scratch. Further, this platform also allows you to integrate your shop with leading eCommerce giants like Amazon and eBay to execute your operations over multiple avenues.

Now that we know what the Shopify eCommerce platform is, it’s time to check out the reasons why you should rely on this platform. Let’s have a walkthrough!

Why Should You Use Shopify Over Other eCommerce Platforms?

There’s not one but many reasons to switch to Shopify; let’s check them out!

First, one of the primary reasons to use Shopify over other eCommerce platforms is that it is a reliable hosted solution. When you decide to create your eCommerce store using Shopify, it assures you with a dedicated hosting solution. When you are new at this, finding a reliable hosting solution can be a great deal!

Listed below are some more benefits to check out:

1. Reliable technical support

When you run an eCommerce website, coming across new problems can be a typical scene. However, you can’t merely rely on your technical support to reach you. While it might sound normal to be waiting for technical help, there are equal chances of losing potential business in the process.

Interestingly, Shopify backs up its vendors with 24/7 assistance, solving all its vendors’ technical problems in real-time.

On top of Shopify’s support, having an eCommerce Development partner like Milia Marketing to offer peace of mind while taking care of your website is a common package and service that their client’s use. They are eCommerce Development experts located in Cleveland, OH so you receive professional expertise, proposed solutions, and responsive communication.

2. Site speed

Your website speed plays a crucial role in driving sales over your store. Visitors tend to abandon a website when it takes more than 10 seconds to load. Now, while you might come across a vast number of eCommerce providers, not everybody can guarantee you reliable site speed.

Site speed is what sets Shopify apart; the built-in speed checker over the Shopify platform allows the vendors to easily determine their site speed and optimize it.

3. Advanced functionalities

While you are creating your eCommerce store, it is quite sure that you won’t like your limitations to be hindered. Similarly, having a store whose elements can’t be edited can be a disappointment.

However, Shopify is different! The plethora of templates and design functionalities allows vendors to customize and install relevant page elements and applications on the website.

4. 14-day trial for free

Isn’t it amazing? Use every function before you have to pay for it!

Shopify allows its users with a 14-day free trial, allowing them to understand each feature of the platform without any hindrance. Interestingly, users can also utilize the payment gateway provided over the platform and have an idea of almost every website’s function.

Yes, we know you want to get started already! However, before you begin, check out the 9 vital elements for Shopify growth in 2023.

9 Key Elements To Grow Shopify Store in 2023

1. Messenger Marketing

Times and marketing have changed beyond emails. The new list of elements includes Messenger marketing as a reliable means for your business.

As the name suggests, Messenger marketing is the means to market your products via the different social media chatting applications.

Using the Messenger Marketing element for your Shopify business, you can easily send across reminders, updates, and statuses of orders, besides other relevant notifications.shopify store improvements

This element of marketing is one of the most reliable means to reach out to their customers every time they have abandoned items over their carts. This way, the chat application channel is a more reliable means for improved conversions.

Benefits of mastering the Messenger Marketing element

With Messenger Marketing, you can easily integrate different social media platforms over your marketing channel. Further, this element also allows you to tap into all the recent interactions, besides providing an on-demand and seamless customer experience.

Further, with Messenger Marketing, you can easily browse carts, send welcome messages, abandonment, status updates, and different polls.

Here’s how you can implement Messenger Marketing in your store

Step 1: Reach for the Shopify Store from your Shopify admin panel.

Step 2: Now, click on ‘Add channel,’ next to Sales Channels

Step 3: Click on the Messenger to add it to your Shopify store.

Here’s an excellent example of Messenger marketing

You must have noticed how some famous fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Starbucks connect with you over different social media platforms when you order with them.

2. Cart Abandonment Recovery Options

Cart abandonment has been one of the major nightmares for eCommerce store vendors over the past few years. Reported to account for the loss of over $18 Billion over sales, it is one of the most alarming situations.

Since there are not many applications present over the Shopify store to deal with the issue, the recovery options under cart abandonment are your only chance.

Benefits of opting for cart abandonment recovery options for your Shopify store

The first and the obvious reasons for going with this option are reducing your cart abandonment issues and making sales out of it. These functions allow you to send purchase reminders to the customers that have left items in their cart. Using the cart abandonment recovery option, you can easily increase your revenue by 5-10%.

Isn’t it interesting? Here are the steps to enable cart abandonment recovery options over your Shopify store:

Step 1: Head for the ‘Orders’ section → ‘Abandoned Checkouts’

Step 2: Opt for the Checkout number that you would like to recover.

Step 3: Now, click on ‘Send’ to do a follow-up with your customers over a recovery email

Let’s check out an example of how different companies utilize Cart abandonment recovery options:

Whenever you are on your way to purchase products from the Jimmy Choo website and leave your products without checking out, the website does a follow-up to allow you to complete the purchase.

3. Minimal Design

Having a minimalist design approach over your eCommerce store maximizes your chances of success. As we know, Shopify provides users with different templates to try on for their stores. However, we suggest you stick to simple design elements for your store.

Remember, the simple and subtle your Shopify store is, the better are your chances at driving sales. Therefore, you should always try to come up with a store design that allows you to entice more customers.

Let’s understand the benefits of keeping up with a ‘Minimal Design’ element this way:

Many Shopify store owners are excelling in business. Now, a part of their success credit goes to their design as well. Therefore, when you are surfing between different Shopify templates, you have a better idea of what the end product would look like. Moreover, when you try to pair your style with a similarly successful store, the chances are that you might also receive a similar response.

Here’s how you can implement the minimal design element:

Step 1: Move to the ‘Theme Settings’ → ‘Layout,’ under your Shopify store.

Step 2: Go for the ‘Enable Wide Layout’ option

Step 3: Now that you are done, it’s time to save your settings

MBK and Handy are some good website examples of stores with minimalist design. While you are at their website, notice the dual-color tonality that keeps their website subtle.

4. Eye-catching Visuals

The visuals that you place over your stores are one of the most crucial elements that provide you with a chance to stand out. Your visuals allow you to make a statement and entice more visitors in the process.

Looking for the benefits of opting for eye-catching visuals?

The answer is simple, even before a visitor reads the content, they look at the visuals of an individual store. Therefore, compelling visuals are your chance at improving conversions.

Here’s how you can use visuals on your Shopify store:

Shopify allows you to select from the wide range of visual layouts present over the platform. If not, you can also hire a graphic designer to go for a customized piece.

5. Mobile-friendly Shopping Experience

The tremendous increase in mobile-based shoppers is an area that none of the smart eCommerce vendors would like to miss. Considering the masses that use mobile shopping, are you sure you would want to lose out on such a potential market by not creating a mobile-friendly website?

shopify website

Here are some benefits of implementing for a mobile-friendly shopping experience:

Having a mobile-friendly website improves your chances of conversions and sales in business. Once your potential customers can access your store over mobile devices, they can easily continue with shopping at their convenience.

Further, shoppers tend to checkout faster when compared to desktops.

Interestingly, you can easily make your website mobile-friendly over Shopify. You don’t really need to go through any setting to make your website mobile-friendly. You can easily make your website mobile-friendly while you are working at the back-end of your store.

E-Liquid, District, and TLuxe are some good examples of mobile-friendly websites as they allow you to use every function over the small screen.

6. Product Videos

Product videos are one of the best ways of educating your visitors about a product, besides providing them with enough reasons to entice a purchase. When you use product videos over your store, you can easily educate the visitors around the products and their benefits.

Looking for the benefits of product videos?

They are an excellent means to educate & convince your potential customers, allowing them to understand everything around the product and proceeding for sales. When you are using product videos for your store, it helps you highlight your solutions’ practicality.

Listed below are the steps to help you embed product videos to your Shopify store:

Step 1: Move to the ‘Products’ section of your Shopify admin page.

Step 3: Here, Shopify provides you with the options to include 3D models, videos, or images by clicking on the ‘Add Media’ option.

Step 3: Once done, it’s time to cross-check your upload dimensions before finalizing your settings.

Check out Lazy Oaf and Heinz to see some great examples of product videos over a website.

7. Product Referral Rewards

Product referrals are the best-proven elements that help you increase your chances of conversions. When you are able to gather new customers using different forms of incentives, they are more likely to convert them into loyal customers.

Using referrals over your Shopify store is one of the best ways to improve your customer base besides encouraging them to suggest more friends join your store.

Here’s how Product referral rewards benefit your store:

Using the referral program to gather new customers for your business ends up in a chain of users coming on board!


When you notice your users going up, try enticing them with rewards to convert them into loyal customers.

Here’s how you can implement product referral rewards for your Shopify store:

Step 1: Create a referral campaign under the ‘Campaigns setup.’

Step 2: Add your customers to begin the program

Step 3: While you have created your campaign successfully, check out the Dashboard to amend to new changes.

Some good examples of referral programs are Onyx x Rose, Rothy’s, and Amuse.

8. Understanding & Addressing Customer Concerns

We don’t really need to address the fact that customer experience is what runs the industry. The experience of your customers at your Shopify can solely either make or break your site.

While you are dealing with your customers, you need to ensure that every customer feels valued while they are addressing their issues over your store. Being the owner of the store, only you can manage and resolve the problems of your customers.

Benefits of addressing customers concerns:

When you address your customers’ doubts and queries, you are building brand reputation and goodwill in the process. Further, it also helps build reliability and credibility to entice new visitors via word of mouth (we don’t need to mention how impactful this mode of marketing is).

Here’s how you can quickly implement the customer experience element over your Shopify store:

Implementing customer concerns over your store is easy! To listen and address your customers, you can download any of the review applications from the store and use them to receive and resolve queries of your valued customers.

Some good examples of websites with reliable customer experience are The Economist and Hasbro.

9. Real Customer Reviews and Personal Testimonials

The last element in our list is that trust goes a long way in developing your business. When you create a sense of confidence among your customer base, new visitors can quickly come and make purchases over your website. Similarly, if you fail to win your customers’ trust, they won’t proceed with purchases over your website.

Here’s how you can win the trust of your customers with your website:

To win trust among new and potential customers, you need to highlight genuine reviews and testimonials submitted by buyers that back up their claims. Similarly, if you can’t prove your genuineness over eCommerce sites, the customer will have a hard time trusting your brand.

Benefits of opting for customer reviews and testimonials:

Testimonials and product reviews act as proof of quality, ultimately accelerating the sales of your website. Further, using customer reviews is also your best chance at making goodwill in the online space. To make the most out of testimonials and reviews, make sure you highlight them over your Shopify store.

Read the case study by Milia Marketing on how a Spirits Manufacturer increased their sales with a custom eCommerce Development Subscription Box Solution to increase sales, customer base, and passive income for their business.

Interestingly, highlighting reviews over your store is easy, and Shopify allows you with the option as well. All you need to do is enable the review section provided in your store.

You can refer to websites like Sunday Somewhere, Crabtree, and Evelyn to check out some good examples of websites that use positive customer reviews are:


Test the above ideas on your Shopify store and grow your business in 2023. The suggested elements are what will help you in acing your Shopify game for the current year.

However, there are several other factors like feed optimization and regular updates that you need to take care of before expecting results out of the suggested elements.

Milia Marketing is a certified Shopify Partner and is Cleveland’s eCommerce Website Development and Design Service professionals that have worked on small scale to large scale eCommerce Development solutions.

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