LaVilla Banquet Center Soars with Milia Marketing's Expertise in Website Optimization and Google Ads

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Introduction and Client Background

LaVilla Banquet Center, a renowned event center in Cleveland, OH, experienced a remarkable boost in online presence and event bookings through the collaboration with Milia Marketing. This case study will explore the challenges LaVilla faced, the solutions provided by Milia Marketing, and the results achieved through website optimization and Google Ads.

LaVilla Banquet Center is a family-owned and operated event center known for its elegant Mediterranean-inspired interior and exceptional service. Specializing in weddings, corporate events, and private parties, LaVilla has been a popular choice among Cleveland residents.


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Organic Traffic



Event Bookings from G Ads Campaign


The collaboration between LaVilla Banquet Center and Milia Marketing led to impressive results, as evidenced by the marketing performance report:
  1. Organic search traffic increased by 63%.
  2. Google Ads generated 41 qualified leads.
  3. A 33% increase in event bookings resulted from the Google Ads campaign.
These results highlight Milia Marketing’s expertise in delivering practical solutions that generate positive outcomes for clients.

The Solution

Milia Marketing stepped up to the challenge by offering a tailored strategy focusing on website optimization and Google Ads. The two-pronged approach involved:
  1. Website Optimization: Milia Marketing conducted a thorough audit of LaVilla’s website, identifying areas for improvement and implementing various SEO techniques to enhance search engine rankings and visibility.
  2. Google Ads: Milia Marketing set up and managed a targeted Google Ads campaign to drive more traffic to LaVilla’s website and generate qualified leads.


Before partnering with Milia Marketing, LaVilla faced several challenges when looking to hire a marketing agency:
  1. Finding an agency with proven expertise in both website optimization and Google Ads.
  2. Choosing an agency that could deliver tangible results and demonstrate a clear return on investment.
  3. Working with a marketing partner who would understand and cater to the unique needs of a family-owned event center.
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