Local Startup Launches Google Ad Campaigns to Scale

Healthcare (Chagrin Falls, Ohio)

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Company Overview

OndeCare provides pre-vetted caregivers to take care of people. They are dedicated to providing on-demand care services for children and the elderly in Northern Ohio.

OndeCare is reinventing in-home care around today’s busy families. Providing care for all loved ones and all schedules while generating worthwhile jobs to local care, safety, and education professionals.



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Our Approach and Strategy

Our team analyzed how their customers interacted with their website. We analyzed the content that was engaging and used our behavior flow analysis to create a custom landing page design that helped convert web visitors into leads. Our landing page design helped the visitors apply for services easily without hassle. 

This allowed them to register for an account and “play” around with how OndeCare works. We ran Google ad campaigns and optimized the ads to get maximum conversions and targeted the local audience. We ran bran, competitor and service-based keyword ad campaigns for OndeCare. 

Upon reviewing the campaigns, we discovered that they had become stale and lacked the level of optimization required to compete in such a highly competitive market. We decided the best course of action would be to create new campaigns and ads, allowing us to take advantage of new formats and build the campaign from the ground up. 

We had a significant amount of historical data to analyze, allowing us to experiment with advanced bidding strategies, which use machine learning to optimize the performance of the ads further. However, the conversion tracking wasn’t set up correctly by the previous marketing agency which called for a “digital plumbing” of the account to diagnose the culprit of what was triggering the conversions incorrectly.

The Milia Marketing team conducted thorough research and made continuous program refinements to ensure budget and exposure were maximized. Throughout the process, they also provided reporting and data that guided the PPC and website optimization strategies.

The keywords in the original campaign were relevant to the business but had differing intents behind them and were more informational in nature. This meant that many of the users who came to the site were not as qualified as the company would have liked.

The ads in the original campaign often defaulted to the autogenerated text, causing the ads to have lower-quality scores than a tailored approach would gain them. To begin with, the Team focused on adjusting the titles of the ads to use these new keywords, with targeted text descriptions, and links to relevant internal pages of the website.


OndeCare was a startup so their biggest challenge was that they had limited customers and very limited resources for marketing. They first hired another digital marketing agency to run their campaigns but their services really inefficient and ineffective. This resulted in a loss of marketing dollars due to ineffective marketing by the other agency.

OndeCare wanted to attract good families who would visit their website and input their requirements to get the services for their family members. They have many categories for care services like child care and elder care and they wanted to target the audience related to these services.

Their challenges and pain points included the following:

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