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We use an unconventional and advanced PPC advertising system that targets and retargets ready-to-buy customers. Meet your buyers where they are.
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Stop Wasting Marketing Dollars On Fruitless, Untested Ad Campaigns

Pay-per-click advertising is charged on a cost-per-click basis. This means you pay for every click you get, whether it ends in a purchase or not. It would be a hazardous mistake to create a PPC campaign that doesn’t target the ideal, ready-to-buy customer.

We work with certified experts in and out of Cleveland, using proven methodologies that target the ideal customer. This increases your chances of making a sale with every click. We test every ad and strategy we use to eliminate wastage and bolster marketing efforts.

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Meet Your Ideal Customer Where And When They Are Searching

Let us help you reach the right customer to buy your products or services while maximizing cost. Our PPC campaigns are double-checked and tested before they go live. We put your money to good use.

Milia Marketing is a trusted, certified, and experienced digital marketing agency serving Cleveland and the rest of Ohio with high-level internet marketing. Since our inception in 2016, we have worked with several multi-million dollar companies to achieve their most desired business goals.

We work with the most experienced, talented, and results-driven PPC experts to create the results you want to see. We will create navigable landing pages with compelling ad copy that forces users to make a buying decision.

A Tested, Proven, And Trusted Approach To PPC Advertising

Get ahead of the competition and convert the most viable customers without spending all your advertising dollars on wasted clicks. Our strategy ensures that your ad is found where your customers are searching. 

We use several PPC ads, depending on the goals of your business and the industry you are in. Some examples include the following:

We aim to ensure that your business records massive sales without wasting financial resources on ads that rack in leads with zero conversions. We are trusted by hundreds of companies in Cleveland, Ohio, to deliver results that beat clients’ expectations. Schedule a discovery call with us today, and let us get you set up for success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for quick sales while you work on other aspects of marketing, PPC advertising might be the way to go. PPC advertising helps you target your customers with your products and services without discussing your brand with them first. It is one of the most effective and fastest ways to sell.

Pay-per-click advertising can be done on various platforms, including social media, search engines, mobile and PC applications, etc. However, the best PPC advertising would depend on your business type and the kind of audience you want to reach. Some of these ad platforms work best for different reasons and places. A few good PPC ads include Meta, Google Adsense, Adcash, LinkedIn Ads, etc.

Both SEO and PPC deliver fantastic results for different purposes. While PPC aims to capture audiences at the ready-to-buy stage, SEO gradually works them up from the initial stages of awareness to the ending stage of action. SEO gives you the advantage of appearing on Google for money keywords without spending money on ads. Also, SEO offers a more long-lasting result compared to PPC. On the other hand, PPC delivers faster results when done right.

If you have tried PPC campaigns that failed, you probably attempted to do it yourself or worked with novice advertisers. Schedule a call with us today; our experts will help you see massive results in your ads and business.

Once the campaign is set, PPC can deliver results overnight. However, the entire process of setting up the campaign can take days, weeks, or months, depending on how complicated the industry, business, or ad is.

DIY is usually the most popular route for business owners trying PPC. However, it is also the origin of some of the most ineffective and money-wasting campaigns online. With PPC campaigns, you get charged for every click your ad gets. This means that whether the click results in a purchase or not, you get charged for it. 

Imagine getting 1000 clicks at a CPC of $0.5 that do not lead to purchase; you would have spent $500 without earning anything in return. You wouldn’t want to put your business through that. Work with experts that ensure most of the clicks result in a purchase.

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