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Cut Down The Waste And Level Up The Sales With Programmatic Display Ads

One of the disadvantages of other advertising systems using the CPM basis of advertising is that you pay per 1000 impressions. These systems let you target users based on their demographics, including age, occupation, gender, and a few others.

In advertising, simple demographics are not enough to understand your target customers. It only gives a generalized assumption that people within those demographics are likely to need your services. 

With our programmatic advertising services, we delve deeper into more personalized data gathered from across several platforms and channels to determine who the right audience is. This helps you cut down the cost of advertising, as you are sure you are paying for valuable impressions.

We use an automated and monitored advertising system that places your ad banner in front of customers who need your products and services the most. This system targets users by demographics, interests, latest searches, frequently used platforms, and much more detailed data. 

This ensures you are reaching users who need your products, whether they are aware or not, and gives you a higher chance of making a sale per ad than sending ads out based on age and gender-based demographics.

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Milia Marketing is a results-oriented digital marketing company with a heavy focus on excellent service delivery. We work with the most skilled, certified, and experienced media-buying experts to help our clients boost leads and increase sales.

Since 2016, we have been helping small and medium-sized businesses in several industries maximize advertising dollars and record massive increases in sales and revenue through automated ad placements.

You don’t have to take our word for it; check out the results we have offered hundreds of past and present clients and read the testimonials they left for us. We are trusted by industry-leading brands and fortune 500 companies to deliver the best results when it really matters.

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Let us help you get visible to valuable customers looking for your products and services. With our programmatic ad campaigns, you are not limited to one platform or a collection of platforms offered by one company, like Meta and Google. Instead, our ads are available on exchanges including Meta and Google, Yahoo Ad Tech, Amazon, AppNexus, AdForm, Rubicon, and many more.

We work with experts who conduct a series of tests to determine the best ways and platforms to display your ads to help you make every impression count. Schedule a discovery call with us today to discuss how to move your business forward and ready for faster sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Programmatic ads are displayed on all digital platforms through several channels. They are displayed on mobile, web, online video platforms, and social media channels. They are recently breaking out of digital platforms and gradually entering more traditional methods like TV and radio.

We use one or a combination of different types of programmatic advertising to place your business before the best customers. Below are some examples:

  • Preferred Deals
  • Programmatic Guaranteed
  • Real-Time Bidding (RTB)
  • Social Ads
  • Audio Ads
  • Private Marketplace (PMP)
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads

Programmatic advertising is an automated ad-buying system that allows advertisers to reach valuable customers on several platforms through different channels. It is carried out using precise and personalized data that enhances results and increases the chances of turning impressions into leads. On the other hand, PPC targets users based on demographics such as age, gender, occupation, location, and other broad data.

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