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SEO Services For Small Businesses - Dominate "Near me" Searches!

You need the best local SEO for your business. So, what’s better than working with a team of data-focused minds who have walked the city streets too? We call that real local knowledge.

Achieve long-lasting results with Milia Marketing- a digital marketing & SEO agency based in the great state of Ohio. Not only is our team comprised of success-hungry talent, but they are also familiar with what makes the Ohio area tick.

Effective local marketing starts with first-hand local expertise.

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See Real Location-Based Results with a Local SEO Company

Knowing More = Doing More = Real ROI

Like the title suggests, Milia Marketing is the “know more” SEO company.

As a growing organization that wants to expand and reach more customers, you understand that every detail counts. We are right there with you. You deserve to know everything, from numbers to concepts.

When you know more, you’re capable of DOING much more. Actions are what we are all about. Better yet, using real facts and hard data to back our actions is even more critical.

Our motto is simple but powerful: know more, do more, achieve more.

This Is Why Your Business Needs Local SEO Consulting

You’ve probably been told that your company should be optimizing for local SEO, but do you know why you need it? Let’s go over a few must-know stats that clearly explain why your digital marketing strategy needs to be optimized for a local focus.  

Better yet, let our clients speak about their experience working with us and the powerful SEO results they have seen.​

A Snapshot of SEO Services You’ll Receive ​

Enjoy this sneak peek at what’s to come. We’re excited just thinking about sharing this experience with you.

Let’s Go Over a Few Basics First

By partnering your business with Milia Marketing, an entire oasis of opportunity will be at your disposal. Besides treating you (our client) with common human decency (like honesty, respect, transparency, and friendliness), you’ll reap all the benefits of our personalized, local SEO service.

Our Local Clients Love Us​

Here is what other business owners have to say.

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Milia Marketing is rated 4.8 / 5 average from 121 reviews on DesignRush, FeaturedCustomers & Clutch

Our Process

This Is How We Approach Local SEO For Our Clients​

Behold, Our Tactical Roadmap to ROI



We search far and wide, high and low, to learn all there is to know about your company. We want to know your goals, the history of your firm, your long-term business plan, and what you hope to achieve via your marketing strategy. We even want to know how your day is going because we care that much. And- let’s be honest- developing a business-friendship connection makes the process much more enjoyable.​


A strategic SEO action plan cannot be started without thorough analysis first. Researching and analyzing is part of our team’s monthly tasks to keep your business on track. We dive deep into your company’s analytics to determine behavior flow, current keywords, and engagement across several specific metrics.

We then conduct a competitor analysis to determine 1) how your business compares to similar ones, 2) what the local market looks like, and 3) how to beat the competition within your local industry landscape.

Last but not least, our team performs a technical analysis. This is to ensure Google has all the right information and it is being indexed correctly by the all-powerful Googlebot. Did we mention how important research & analysis is?



Each month we conduct both content and conversion audits to push you closer to your goals. Our content audits consist of analyzing on-page and building a calendar packed with new content. For conversion audits, we will develop CRO tasks that transform all the high-quality traffic you’re receiving into genuine leads. ​

The "Go Plan"

Extensive analysis meets tactical action. This is where we roll up our sleeves and get moving. Our team will develop a custom, detail-intensive plan of action to check off all the marks on your list. We will work through various CRO, content, technical, and local SEG tasks as if our lives depend on it. By the way, every task in our “go” plan is geared towards lead generation with a focus on high-converting potential. ​

Return On Investment

Our KPI for your local SEO campaign is ROI. We use this as a measure of success for months six and beyond.

After all is said and done, we understand that seeing a return on your investment is why you are here. So, we won’t stop working until you see real, tangible, data-backed results that prove a favorable ROI you feel pleased with.

Your business is our business. ​

Know how to rank higher in local search

Ready to Boost Your Local Google Ranking & Expand Your Digital Footprint?

Did you know that 92% of searchers will choose a business that appears on page #1 of local results?

Boost your business to the top of search results with the assistance of our modern, top-quality search-ranking strategy. Google rankings, and even Google Maps, will influence your local industry domination.

You don’t want to miss out on this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization,” and it is the process of improving your website such that it becomes more visible on search engines for relevant searches.
Optimizing your website for search engines increases the quality and quantity of traffic it gets from search engine results. This means more qualified potential customers will visit your website, eventually increasing your conversion rates.
SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. How long it takes to start seeing results from SEO depends on:
  • your website’s age and authority
  • its backlink profile
  • your keywords and
  • competitors
  • content strategy
  • ease of Google indexing
  • penalties and hosting issues, etc.
No two websites have the same starting point, even if they have a similar target audience or niche. However, you can start seeing notable results from SEO in 4 to 6 months, which gets better over time. In six to twelve months, you should expect sustainable results that extend beyond rankings. The best SEO campaigns will help your business attract leads and sales.
Our SEO campaigns are specific to your organizations goals. If you are looking for Local SEO campaigns in Cleveland, Ohio, other cities, states or nationally. We can help no matter the size.
It depends on the condition of your website. We will audit your website during the initial consultation calls and recommend the best approach for your business. If the website is outdated, we will recommend redesigning the website. If it’s in good shape or recently launched, we can build on the existing foundation and make adjustments.
No. Nobody can guarantee you results, but some agencies (like us) are much better at SEO than others.

No one can make guarantees for SEO because no SEO agency can control how Google ranks websites. We work hard to understand Google’s constant algorithm changes and refine your website for the best results.

You can read Google’s Google’s official statement on SEO in which they mention, “Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings.”