Having a marketing team on-board is an integral part of your business strategy. But a question most have difficulty with is whether to hire an in-house marketing team or partner with a marketing agency. While it may seem daunting, your decision-making doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Two factors you can consider as you make a decision are your business goals and how you see your business growing with its people in the years ahead.

In-house marketing is a team of skilled people who will become your employees. They can grow with your company through the years and their focus will be on your business only. As your employees, they’ll be salaried and given benefits.

On the other hand, a marketing agency is an external team of professionals who serve your company the same way an in-house team would. The main differences are in their depth of expertise, level of skills, breadth of experience, and cost-effectiveness. Take a look at our 6 tips that can make deciding a little easier.

6 Tips To Consider When Opting For An In-House Team or A Marketing Agency

Tip #1: Understand the Drawbacks of Hiring An In-House Marketing Team 

One of a business’s dream is to grow its own group of people who’ll own the company’s mission, vision, and products/services as they grow together. It’s a valid one and worth pursuing no doubt. But before you scout for the best employable creatives, consider these drawbacks first:

  • Hiring marketing specialists to be your in-house creatives are generally more expensive because you’ll need to fund for costs of employment like salaries, benefits, and leaves.
  • Talents are harder to find as the bigger companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook among others are already handpicking the prime choices.
  • The breadth of experience and skill set may be narrower as these are limited to the potential employee’s previous experience.
  • Employee turnover challenges may present itself should one of the team members move on to another company or career path. You’ll have to start the process of hiring and training all over again to replace the former employee.
  • Scalability may take more time with an in-house team because they may not have the skills needed to take on new challenges that come with scaling up. A marketing agency, on the other hand, is already a vetted team of professionals whose skills are readily available and honed to take on new challenges.

Tip #2: Know the Major Differences Between A Marketing Agency & An In-house Marketing Team

The simple difference between the two is that an in-house marketing team works for you under your roster of employees while a marketing agency is an outsourced team of pros whose services you pay for.

Their functions are the same in that they both work towards achieving your company’s marketing goals. We’ll share the nuances of their differences through the pros & cons in the next sections.

Tip #3: Consider the Pros & Cons of Hiring An In-House Marketing Team

Let’s take a look at the benefits of hiring an in-house team and consider its disadvantages as well through the three major differences we mentioned earlier in the article: expertise, skills, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Expertise – an in-house team’s expertise comes from the immersion of working in your company for years. This gives them a familiarity of your business exclusive to them alone. A disadvantage they may have is unfamiliarity with how to handle challenges outside what they’ve experienced.
  • Skills – their skillset focuses on what you need and hones that over time. Their skills become sharper and more effective as they train and specialize in them. But a learning curve may pose challenges to timelines and the effectiveness of new efforts if new skills are needed outside of what the team already has.
  • Cost-effectiveness – an in-house team’s cost-effectiveness can be measured by the results it produces versus the budget allocated to them and the employee costs to maintain your team. One factor that can be considered a con is spending on employment costs to maintain them together with allocating a budget for their marketing efforts.

Tip #4: Get To Know The Pros & Cons of Hiring A Marketing Agency

We’ll be talking about the marketing agency’s pros and cons in light of expertise, skills, and cost-effectiveness so the comparison will be on equal ground.

  • Expertise – a marketing agency’s expertise goes deep as it comes from the experience of working with various clients across industries. This gives them an edge as experience and insight aren’t something you can get from training or certifications. A disadvantage this implies is that they work with a range of clients as well, the time allocated to you may be limited and accessibility won’t be as quick as someone from the office.
  • Skills – their skillset can be wide, depending on the marketing solutions they choose to specialize in. These can range from what you need right now, to ones you may need in the future. For example, if what’s essential for the moment is website design and if later on, you want to dive into eCommerce, the marketing agency may already have both skills. The challenge here is in choosing the agency with the skills your business needs so you don’t jump from one to another.
  • Cost-effectiveness – this can be seen in the offered services where you only pay for what you need. Every marketing effort is measurable too so you can gauge whether their services are the right match for your business or not. If the solutions don’t work, you can simply ask the agency to strategize and propose another solution that can be your workaround to cost-effectiveness.

Tip #5: Understand The Role Of Marketing Agencies In The Success Of Your Business

Marketing agencies are your dedicated partners whose main goal is to help you achieve marketing success. The role they play as dedicated partners will be shown through their leadership, innovation, and quality of service through each marketing campaign. It’s also a role supported by quality relationships and quality solutions.

Tip #6: Things To Keep In Mind Before Hiring A Marketing Agency

The important things to keep in mind as you make an informed decision are your business goals. business needs, and your financial capability to outsource marketing.


At the end of the day, we believe it’s all about what’s essential to you. Which route will help you achieve your goals most effectively? Which one is most aligned with your vision for your business?

After all, both have their advantages whose benefits you’ll enjoy as you work along with them. We hope this article sheds a little light on hiring an in-house marketing team or a marketing agency so you can make the best choice for your business. We’re just a call away.