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Social media isn't just about likes. It’s about leads.​

Finally get the results you want from your social media advertising campaigns.

No more questioning what works and what doesn’t. No more guessing if your message will get across. No more wasting countless hours building ads yourself. No more cursing at your computer or phone (we’ll do that for you).

You’re in the perfect place if you…

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn- Oh My!

Go beyond the typical platforms.

“There are so many social platforms. Where do I even start?” you ask.

Advertising on Facebook is everyone’s go-to. After all, it is the most used platform around the globe with about 2.7M active users. But what about utilizing other platforms that might mean better leads and connecting with a more intimate user base?

Each social media network has its own personality and potential.

That meaningful business-audience connection you desire to make? Those conversion rates you dream of boosting? It all depends on the type of social network you use. Our marketing agency goes beyond the typical platforms because we see opportunities from more than just Facebook.

Pinterest Advertising

Even a social media network like Pinterest has vast potential if it aligns with your 1) goals & 2) customer base. 89% of “Pinners” will use Pinterest for inspiration when looking to purchase.

LinkedIn Advertising

There’s also LinkedIn- the social media networking hub for all things B2B. Paid ads on LinkedIn have the potential to reach extremely vetted leads who are already towards the bottom of the sales funnel. To sweeten the pot, one ad on LinkedIn can reach 13% of our world’s population.

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We’ve Done Our Homework

As you can see, we’ve done our social media platform homework. Our team can utilize most networks you throw our way, and what we are not familiar with, we are quick to learn. All that knowledge and eagerness to learn is what helps set our advertising agency apart from the rest.

Our Plan to a Successful Social Media Advertising Campaign for Your Business​

Our social media advertising service helps you 1) reach your target audience, 2) measure ROI, and 3) support your overall business goals. That last point is key. We know that Instagram and Facebook are just one piece of the puzzle.

But utilizing paid ads to their max potential will add fuel to the fire not only for brand reach but also for crushing those quarterly goals. Now, we can’t promise a miracle, but we can promise we’ll become magnetized to the platforms you choose for max output.

Local Social Media Advertising

Our team works with companies all across the globe. Paid social ads can be targeted for any localized area, so you can gain more traffic where it matters- locally. View our Ad Creative portfolio to get a glimpse of the type of work we’ve done for client Social Media Ads.

Listen to the Praise Our Ads Get

The Magic Is in the Process​

Ok, let’s get down to business.

This is how we plan, develop, and execute your business’ social media advertising campaigns. Each step is critical, so we break it down even further into sub-steps for a complete overhaul of your social media ads.

1. Determine Your Company's Strategic Position​

2. Develop Ad Straategy​

3. Ad Development and Ad Creative

4. Manage Ad Performance and Optimize​

Ready to Maximize Your Return on Ad Spend, Reach More People, and Feel Confident with Your Campaigns?

We hoped you’d say yes.

5 Star Rated Company

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Frequently Asked Questions

For better and improved results, we recommend a minimum ad spend of $1,000 per month. This fee will be billed directly to the social media platform the ads campaign is launched for. The Milia Marketing team has experience managing Social Media Ad Campaigns across the U.S. ranging from $1,000 per month to $250,000 per month. Listen to what our clients have to say about working with Milia Marketing as a trusted Digital Marketing agency.

First, we set goals after having a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish through your social media ad campaigns. These goals might include awareness, positive sentiment, relationships, loyalty, informing prospects, inciting behavior or actions (like sign-ups), leads, and increasing sales.

Next, we create metrics for measuring these goals. These metrics might include traffic, desired behavior, number of leads, and conversion volume.

Then we can start measuring the ad performance. We look at engagement, discussion, sentiment, and sharing.

After that, we monitor and report any findings. If we notice any errors, we rectify them.

When you start getting leads in the form of calls and messages via your business phone number, email address, and website and landing page forms, then Facebook Ads are working for you.

Milia Marketing focuses on the metrics that matter to your business. In most cases, this means leads and conversions.

We have an effective strategy for your Facebook advertising campaigns. Our process involves the below steps:

  1. Data analysis, Strategy, and Audits
  2. Creative Development
  3. Targeting and Testing
  4. Conversion Rate Optimization
  5. Scaling

Absolutely! You’ll find some ad creatives we’ve made for our client campaigns listed here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for consultation.