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Let us help you turn your potential customers into brand evangelists using strategic social media advertising in Akron. Here’s how your business improves when we take charge of your social media.
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Spending so much on social media management and not getting any engagements can be frustrating. This can be caused by many important factors that beg questions like,

  • Are you targeting the right keywords?
  • Are you jumping on the right trends?
  • Have you researched your target audience?
  • Do you constantly and consistently update your social media accounts?
  • Are your social media posts engaging enough?
  • Do you create advertising campaigns that help you target and retarget existing and potential customers?

We help you answer all these questions and channel the right resources to the right places to reward your efforts.

We understand that selling to customers is an integral part of every business. However, marketing campaigns continue beyond selling. You must engage your target audience in constant discussions about themselves and your business.

This is an intelligent way to learn more about them, find ways to improve your product/service, compel them to buy from you and make them brand loyalists and evangelists.

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At Milia Marketing, we are experts at keeping customers engaged and ensuring they take the actions we want them to. We will keep your social media accounts constantly and consistently updated to stamp your business in the memory of your target audience. 

We will also set up advertising campaigns that help you reach a broader audience and improve leads. We will retarget these leads and update them about any improvements, discounts, and more your business offers. This improves the chances of selling more and closing open deals. 

Milia Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency service Akron and other nearby cities. We have been helping small and big businesses manifest their dreams of online success since 2016, and social media is one of the ways we do that. We work with the brightest minds in the industry to make that possible. Our results speak for themselves.

Our Social Media Advertising Practice In Cleveland, OH

We don’t randomly select several social media platforms and hope your target customers find you. We conduct intensive research first to find the right platforms to meet them. Then we implement our social media management and advertising strategy to keep them engaged and interested in buying.

Let us get you in front of your ready-to-buy customers and improve conversions. Below is a step-by-step process of how we will keep your customers constantly engaged with your business.

Get on a discovery call to discuss how we can help you experience an improvement in your social media ads. 

One salient reason our clients believe in us is that we don’t report irrelevant numbers. We leave out metrics that do not directly or indirectly lead to a sale. Check out some of our testimonials to see what our customers say about us.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many social media platforms to choose from. Each or a combination of some of them is best for targeting different demographics. Facebook, for example, is a great platform to communicate with baby boomers, while platforms like TikTok and Instagram work well for the younger population. 

Another thing to consider is the industry you serve. LinkedIn, for example, may not be the right place to promote a boutique business, but it will be perfect for a time-scheduling software service. You must pick what works best for your business and the customer.

According to research, around four (4) billion people have at least two social media accounts, and the average person spends at least 2 hours on social media daily. Among this population are your customers. 

According to Statista, over 70% of consumers used a social media channel to learn about a product or service, and over 36% of that population actually paid for the product or service. You want your business to cater to this population.

You cannot place a generalized price tag on social media advertising because different businesses have different needs. Our solutions will vary by business, and we encourage you to schedule a call with us to understand what you need and the cost required. We assure you that our services are budget-friendly.

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