Spirits Manufacturer Ramps Up Sales With Custom eCommerce Development Subscription Box Solution

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Company Overview

Hidden Spirits Cocktails, Ltd. is a ready-to-serve cocktail company that thrives on making some of the world’s most loved beverages. They prepare 100% organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO spirit cocktails. Hidden Spirits Cocktails sell their drinks on their website as well as in different stores.


Liquor & Spirits

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Our Digital Marketing Agency Approach and Strategy

Subscription e-commerce, led by companies such as Dollar Shave Club,  and Stitch Fix personal styling, is a fast-growing new way of buying online. Online shoppers have signed up for one or more subscriptions to receive products on a recurring basis, frequently through monthly boxes. Subscription e-commerce services offer these consumers a  convenient, personalized, and, often lower-cost way to buy what they want and need.

 Offering a valuable subscription service will increase your ability to retain your customers over time and increase cash flow for your subscription box business. Running a subscription service can also improve your ability to forecast future sales and revenue numbers. Having your customers subscribe to your ongoing services also means you’ll have a ton of opportunities to engage with them throughout their subscription period.

The Milia Marketing team developed an eCommerce Website solution for Hidden Spirits Cocktails that captured the true spirit of their brand. We worked with them to boost the visibility of the website through several different common keywords in the industry. It helped them gain valuable website traffic and get more business. An e-commerce section was added where the customers could purchase their favorite drinks online without going to a physical store and subscribe to monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly subscriptions to have their Cocktail Box delivered to their doorstep with their favorite flavors.

On social media platforms, we used several different images and meaningful posts that captured the attention of new visitors. This resulted in a massive increase in subscribers and built a loyal fan base for the business. Our content writing team curated content to boost confidence with other businesses and convince them to sell Hidden Spirits Cocktails products on their storefronts.

Increasing Cash Flow For Subscription Box Challenges

Hidden Spirits Cocktails was a new business that was just starting out when they contacted us. Their most important concern was to get maximum value for the money spent on their website and marketing. They wanted to build credibility for their drinks so they could convince store owners to sell their drinks in the markets in different cities. It was important to get their drinks in as many stores as possible to generate a consistent cash flow.

Hidden Spirits Cocktails also wanted to increase their followers on different social media platforms and sell their drinks to them directly through their website. A strong online business could decrease their dependency on physical stores and create a loyal fan base. Their main challenge was to build a website that achieved this solution and that simultaneously reflected their true brand identity.

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