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Best Website Accessibility Services (ADA and 508 Compliance)

26% of Americans and 20% of the world’s population live with one disability or another, meaning that one in every five Americans/humans has a disability (according to the CDC). A good percentage of this population wants to access your website but can’t because you haven’t provided them a place there. 

With the upsurge in lawsuits on non-compliance with the ADA III, you risk litigation and possible negative public opinion that may send your website and business downhill. You also lose out on potential conversions from an underserved population.

At Milia Marketing, we help you keep your website compliant with the ADA III and 508 standards to avoid lawsuits and negative public opinion and also to help you do what is morally right as a business owner.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve. Build An Inclusive Culture

Let our website and UI/UX development experts integrate your website with features that help you cater to an underserved population. We will do a page-by-page analysis of your website to help ensure that every user enjoys the same satisfaction and experience when using your website.

Be among the first few businesses to meet the ADA III compliance standards and avoid litigation and the consequences of negative public opinions. Let us help you achieve an all-around satisfactory website for all who visit.

Auditing, Testing, Remediation

We use an automated system of auditing and evaluation to determine what your website requires to be available to users with a visual impairment, hearing difficulty or deafness, autism, intellectual or cognitive disabilities, motor impairment, and other physical challenges.

  • We help make your website accessible to every user by conducting a series of tests and audits, including the following: 
  • Media files transcription audit
  • Page-by-page analysis
  • Copywriting services for image optimization
  • Web form audit
  • Screen reader testing
  • Accessibility audit
  • Web browser testing

WCAG 2.1 Success Criteria

We help you maintain a website that conforms to WCAG 2.1, an improvement and extension of WCAG 2.1. The WCAG 2.1 comes with several new success criteria, including:

  • 1.3.4 Orientation
  • 1.3.5 Identify Input Purpose
  • 1.3.6 Identify Purpose
  • 1.4.12 Text Spacing
  • 1.4.13 Content on Hover or Focus
  • 2.1.4 Character Key Shortcuts
  • 2.5.4 Motion Actuation
  • 2.5.6 Concurrent Input Mechanisms
  • Many more

By meeting these requirements, you not only avoid litigation but also put your website in a position to attract more leads and conversions from an underserved population who may be looking for your services.

Custom Website Accessibility Optimization Process:

Our AI scans your entire website, analyzing all website blocks to help determine what happens after every click. Once that is figured out, we remediate the problems to ensure your website is accessible to people with disabilities and other users.

Our systems provide two applications: an accessibility interface and an AI-powered background process. We can offer the following features with a combination of both applications.

The best part of all this is that your website remains the same and accessible to other users without disabilities. The adjustments do not affect the content of your website, meta tags, and HTML codes. These features do not appear automatically on your website. Users will determine whether they want the interface by simply clicking an activation button.

Work With Milia Marketing To Achieve An ADA III And 508-Standards-Compliant Website.

At Milia Marketing, we work with a team of skilled, certified, and experienced accessibility analysts and web developers who will ensure that every user, disabled or not, can experience the entirety of your website.

We also partner with AccessiBe, the leading AI-powered web accessibility provider, to help your website stay accessible and usable to people with disabilities without affecting the experience of other users.

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