Why Good Web Design for Startups Matter

Web design for startups

A website design agency has so much to offer any kind of venture. Be it a start-up or a well-established 6-figure business. Web design is regarded as the first and most important step to marketing online.

As a start-up, your biggest worry wouldn’t be making huge sales in 24 hours. It would be building presence and trust. Website design and development is one of the most important steps to take in that direction.

They say that the world is online, so why isn’t your company. Most business owners fall into the temptation of believing that only e-commerce businesses need a website.

This article will show you why your businesses need a website design team that can assure you of quality design. Before we go into that, let us consider some of the features that a responsive website should have.

Qualities of a good website

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Web designers in the world know that they have just one job to do for you and that is to give you a beautiful design with optimal responsiveness. Below are some features to expect from your web development team and what reliable website design services include.

1. Page Speed

The first thing a user will notice about your website is how quickly pages load. A slow website will kick visitors out faster than one with no content at all. People don’t have the patience to wait for your page to load when they can readily get the information from your competitors.

A reliable web design job should give you a website that is fast and easily accessible. A website with a lower load time can boost page visits by 20% in no time. Another thing to note is that a fast page/site helps with search engine optimization (SEO), which we will talk about later in the article.

2. High-quality design with complete functionality

The second thing your audience will notice about your website design is the layout. Web designers spend days trying to give your website a beautiful look that entices visitors. However, one mistake that website designers make is trying to add plugins and themes that contribute to slowing down the pages.

A beautiful design should be lightweight, colorful, and navigable. The best web development team can assure you of that. Trust us to give you only the best. As a start-up, this could be your first selling point.

3. Easy to use

Web design and development are nothing if you cannot have an easily navigable site. You’d better not have a website than to have one that users cannot scale. Ask yourself why you’re more inclined to one social media platform or eCommerce website than the other. Most of the time, it’s because of how easy to use they are.

An easy-to-use website will have buttons and related content strategically placed where visitors can see them. This technique is known as UX (user experience). We’re the trusted web design company that can assure you of this and more.

4. Mobile friendly

A good portion of people coming online and searching through your website are doing it from their Android, tablets, and iPhones. If you want to engage this population, you have to put them in mind during your website design and development.

Most e-commerce site visitors check those sites through their phones. Most of your campaigns on social media will require users to click on your web link to access your site. If you want this campaign to be successful, you need to know that my last social media users are using their phones.

5. Search engine optimized (SEO)

Note how we have talked about the user or visitor for most of this section. Well, you cannot succeed online if you don’t have the search engine in mind as well. The good thing is you can kill two birds with one stone if you satisfy user intent. This is because search engine crawlers favor those sites that satisfy users the most.

6. Calls to action

The essence of your website is to be able to reach your visitors and make it easy for them to carry out the action you want them to. What action do you want them to take? What marketing solutions are you aiming for? Say it through your calls to action.

If you run an e-commerce website, that action could be making a purchase. If you run a site for your company, it could be contacting you to learn more about your company or get a free estimate. Your web design company should know this about your business and implement it accordingly.

You can get all these qualities on your website by simply working with the fastest-growing, result-oriented digital marketing agency

7 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention To Website Design

Online marketing has gone far beyond just sending a website template to the server and filling it up with content. 66% of people would stay on your site because you have a decent and beautiful website design. If that is the case, you could be retaining 66% of your visitors by simply improving the design of your website. Here are 7 reasons why you should pay attention to it.

1. Competitors are doing it

The seeming motivational speech, “Don’t copy what others are doing. Be unique” does not hold true when it comes to digital marketing or any kind of marketing for that matter. You need to constantly watch out for what your competitors are doing if you ever want to succeed in this space.

Your competitors understand that visitors are entranced at the sight of their website so they do everything possible to keep it that way. You should imitate this and create a custom web that your customers can easily relate to.

2. First impressions matter

Any top web design agency knows how important the outlook of your website is. As much as your website creates credibility for your company, an ugly, unnavigable website will not help boost credibility.

Most users believe that the more sophisticated a website looks, the more credible it is. Web design, development, and management should win your visitors over on the first visit with quality user experience techniques.

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3. Improves search engine optimization (SEO)

As mentioned earlier, search engines judge the credibility of your web by how many visitors find your websites helpful. You can share your links all over social media and other channels but if the visitors don’t find your site appealing enough that they want to stay and read your content, search engines will regard the site as useless.

Partnering with a web design agency that knows its onion will help you move your websites and businesses from where it is to where you want it to be with websites that are search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. Web development influences how you organize your web content and how your customers and potential customers perceive you.

4. Builds trust with the audience

No marketing strategy beats being able to get your customers to trust you. A business that is not trusted will not make any sales, especially when it only has an online store.

Internet surfers will hardly ever trust poorly built websites. If you say your company is what it is and can provide the services you say it can, why then is the web design so poor?

You need a full-service creative agency that has been in the business long enough to achieve success for themselves to handle the web design services for you.

If your products and services can only be bought on your website (e-commerce), the web design services you’ll need should include pages that let your customers easily check out and pay for goods bought.

You can check out our web design procedures and strategy to find more about how we have helped several businesses improve lead generation and sales in just a few weeks.

5. For the sake of consistency

What makes you stick to one brand year in year out? It is because they have continued to make their product or service good over and over. When you need their product, they’re there to offer it. Your web design or marketing strategy does the same thing.

Websites that have a consistent color scheme, navigation buttons, and page speed will most definitely retain visitors better than one with a web design that is done without a strategy to keep visitors constantly interested in your business.

6. Improves marketing campaign

Website development and design can boost your marketing campaign by over 100% if it is done correctly. Web design is the soul of any online business or strategy. Having one that follows the best web design practices for your business can boost the effectiveness of all your other campaigns, including social media, email marketing, and SEO.

7. Conversion

At the end of the day, what every business needs is conversion. You can have 10 thousand visitors every month but how many of them actually perform the tasks you want them to perform.

As an eCommerce website, that action will be buying things from your store. For a company that offers services, that action would be having clients reach out to you. Whatever the business venture you carry out, the endpoint is to have your company convert.

Business web development/eCommerce web design that is done well, along with a good copy, will guide and direct the clients to make the decisions you want them to make.

A digital marketing agency that will take you 10x further

Web design has gone beyond simply throwing a few themes and plugins on a page and filling it up with written content or pictures. If you run a company, you need a digital marketing agency that can take your company to the desired state, starting with strategic web design.

Who are we?

Milia Marketing is not just a website development company building websites. We are a digital marketing company serving companies. We focus on conversion using the best marketing practices.

We understand that web design is the first step to helping our local and international clients achieve improved sales so we place a lot of focus into the design, ensuring that your website is up to standard and date.

What sets us apart from a regular web development company?

As a digital marketing company, what sets us apart from your regular web design company is, first of all, the fact that we’re not just a firm that designs websites.

Our internet marketing services include social media, email marketing, SEM, search engine optimization, e-commerce website development, local search engine optimization, and several others.

We work with a team of website and software development experts that focus on just that aspect of digital marketing. While developing a sustainable website, we assure our clients of full-service digital advertising solutions that cut across the highest-level marketing strategies.

Bottom line

Website design is the heart and soul of any internet vocation. Whether it is for profit-making or charity. There are hundreds of thousands of people searching for you and the service you render. Be there when they need you. Let us help you create a custom design that lets you focus on other tasking parts of your firm.

What to expect from our website design team

As the leading digital marketing and web design company, when we offer a service, we do it with optimum expertise and specialization. We put only the best hands on deck to assure our clients of nothing but the best. Below are what our services include:

1. Industry experience

Everyone on our team has had over 10 years of experience in web design, development, and management. This team has been working with clients, and knows exactly what it takes for your website to attract more potential buyers to your website.

2. Competitive pricing

Our Web design and management team will create an excellent website for you all at a budget-friendly price. Note that this doesn’t reduce our strategy. Our rates are highly coveted and highly underpriced for the level of quality we deliver.

3. A responsive website with SEO and user-friendly design

This is the most important of our services. companies that have used our products have only good testimonies about our services. We keep our clients satisfied so that they can keep their clients satisfied. We didn’t hire the best hands just to create low-level sites.

4. Communication like none other

We value communication and we value your time. Whenever you reach out to us on any of our media outlets, we are ready at every point to give you a satisfying response. Give us a call today to get the best website design service you have ever seen.

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