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Are you thinking of bringing your business to light online? Do you want a good taste of your industry’s market share? What you need is a professional WordPress website that can duly represent your business and brand online.

At Milia Marketing, we have been designing and developing websites for Ohio-based businesses, helping companies, big and small, to achieve a reasonable online presence with little effort.

The process of designing and managing a website is daunting, especially if you have to write codes, choose the best layout, determine what should or should not be on every page.

We take the burden off your shoulders by creating a custom WordPress site that is responsive, SEO-friendly, futuristic, and manageable. With the level of technology being introduced to website development, WordPress is the leading web builder that your company should be on.

Join our client base today and get a custom WordPress website that helps you increase business sales as well as brand awareness.

Why opt for a WordPress website?

Why choose WordPress for web design and development? WordPress design experts

No doubt, there are tons of website builders out there and if you’ve tried to build one for yourself, you’d have noticed the various options open to you. However, one stands out from the crowd and has gained the trust of millions of website developers worldwide.

To really understand WordPress is to know what benefits you stand to get from using the site builder:

1. Easy to use and manage

If you let us build your new website for you using WordPress, moving on by yourself would be as effortless as it can be. The user technology behind the interface is seamless, easy to understand, and fun to work with.

To make it easier for complete WordPress beginners, our WordPress developer will explain everything you need to know and make it easier for you to work and get along.

2. Gives you total control over your site

Once we are done with the WordPress development, we leave everything else to you. We give you complete control over every feature you want to see on your WordPress website. Adding new pages, new blog posts, and more are totally based on your decision.

If you need some more help along the line, we’re more than pleased to offer support. Web design has never felt so efficient.

3. Super convenient to manage

Managing a WordPress website is just as easy as it is to use. All it takes for you to regain full access to your WordPress is an admin username or password.

The web development tool runs a cloud-based hosting system that doesn’t leave you tethered to your desktop.

4. Incredible customizable options

WordPress lets you design your custom WordPress site with any theme you want. There are thousands of themes—free & premium—that help you design and redesign your website till you’re satisfied with what you have.

To make it even easier for the WordPress developer, you can see what other websites have done with the same theme and edit/customize it to your taste.

5. Allows multiple users

WordPress gives you the privilege to add several editors to your custom website. These editors will have limited access, depending on what you need them to do.

It gets even better as WordPress lets you monitor the activities of the other users for a more organized workflow.

6. More search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly than the others

The WordPress website development tool is the most SEO-friendly website builder you’ll find in the market. From metadata to analytics and many more. Search engines will naturally rank a WordPress website higher than any other web builder.

The reason for this is that the WordPress content management system (CMS) has some built-in features that are favorable to SEO, making it almost effortless to rank pages.

7. Gives you relative ease with blogging

WordPress web usage is super-easy and convenient, especially with blogging. It only takes a few clicks and you’re done creating content and publishing. WordPress lets you copy and paste an already written content into the editor for publishing or create the content directly on the CMS (content management system).

With a separate blog page, you can constantly keep your customers aware of your product & services and also create informative content on how to use the products or services you offer. WordPress makes this process easier than you can think about.

8. Tons of plugins and themes to experiment with

Because WordPress website development is the trendiest among web designers, developers are more interested in creating plugins for the CMS. Now, there is a wide range of plugins for WordPress alone that you can experiment with.

Every plugin on WordPress is made to enhance the effectiveness of the CMS and that’s exactly what it does. WordPress development without plugins may not look or work great but it is possible.

9. It doesn’t require any form of HTML coding

WordPress development uses a language known as PHP, which means that everything you need to build your custom WordPress site has been broken down into plugins within the CMS.

All the HTML requirements have been done for you. You simply have to pick a plugin you like to further improve its effectiveness. The plugin is created by other web developers and is offered up for free sometimes. However, some of them are premium features you have to pay for.

10. Superb for e-commerce

With WordPress website development, selling online comes as easy as it gets. This is due to the e-commerce plugin, Woocommerce, which lets you design a full-blown online store that gives you control over carts, inventory, and so much more.

11. There are over 64 million websites using WordPress

It is said that over 65% of websites on the world wide web (www) are WordPress sites. And new WordPress sites are designed every other month to add to the already existing number. Getting a WordPress website would mean that you’re taking a step in the right direction.

WordPress gives you all these things at almost no cost per year. You pay for hosting and your domain name and fill your site with your products and services. Let our agency handle the web design and development for you.

What do we do for you?

WordPress development Ohio experts

Milia Marketing is a full-service digital marketing company in Ohio, delivering state-wide services to small, medium, and large-scale companies with WordPress web design as the starting point.

We believe that for your business or brand to thrive online, you first need to have a responsive website where your customers can reach you. To give you that custom website, we offer the following services:

1. Design and develop a responsive custom WordPress site

At Milia Marketing, we design WordPress websites that not only give you space online but also respond to commands. We will design a custom WordPress site that meets the goals of your business and brand, working hand in hand with you throughout the process.

2. Optimize and emphasize the key pages on your WordPress website

WordPress allows you to spread out all your services into several pages. We will optimize all your key pages to make it easier for your company and services to get found online.

We will design the pages with WordPress themes that hypnotize and capture the attention of your clients. We will also implement user experience best practices that give your visitors a great time on your site.

3. Implement the best technical SEO tactics

WordPress web development makes SEO implementation a lot easier as the web builder already comes with some built-in features that are SEO-friendly. To take the WordPress development up a notch, we will implement other strategies that will make it even easier for your website to rank on search engines.

4. Track website progress with Google analytics

With our WordPress website development services, you can track your progress using Google analytics. You will be able to see which pages in your website attract more visitors & clients and which keywords each page is ranking for.

5. Matchless user experience (UX)

User experience is everything on a WordPress website. To start with, your site will not rank with terrible UX. This is because most visitors will bounce off your site since they cannot comfortably navigate it.

With our WordPress development projects, we ensure that our clients’ businesses are well represented online. We ensure that the visitors find it super-navigable.

6. Social media integration

With social media integration, you can reach a wider range of audiences and potential clients on social media. We help you spread your tentacles by adding social media icons that make it easier for your company to connect with users.

7. Create an XML sitemap for search engine indexing

When a new website is created, it has to be indexed on the search engine. This helps the search engine to suggest your site to searchers. With our web design services, our web developers develop a sitemap that tells Google exactly what all the pages represent.

The sitemap will also inform Google of any new post you publish on your site. Sites without a sitemap will find it more difficult to rank on Google.

8. Create a blog section for organic leads

For every web design job we do, we ensure that we develop a section for blogs. Blogs are a great source for organic leads as well as other means of earning with your site.

WordPress sites with blog sections don’t depend solely on referral traffic. They can simply publish content, solve people’s problems, and get them to follow their site.

At our digital advertising company in Ohio, we understand that website design is an integral part of any strategy. This is why we focus on delivering the best WordPress sites to our state-wide clientele.

Do you want to move your entire site from another website builder to WordPress?

Moving your entire website from a different website builder to WordPress is completely doable. However, it takes the expertise and experience of an expert WordPress web developer to make the new WordPress site look as impressive as you want.

At our digital advertising company, we work with the best in WordPress website design that assures you of a perfectly build website after moving from one builder to WordPress.

A good reason to move to WordPress is the tons of WordPress themes that make website development an even seamless and enjoyable experience for both the developer and the user.

Let us handle the WordPress web design services for your Ohio company as we’ve done for several other companies now enjoying massive benefits. It would be the best decision you ever made.

Work with the best WordPress developer in Cleveland, Ohio

Milia Marketing is a digital marketing company that has been in the business of web design and development for over 5 years and in such a short period, we have tons of customer reviews and testimonials to speak for us.

To serve our clients better and deliver matchless results on every project, we work with the best website design and development experts across the world.

We design WordPress sites that not only get the job done but also create an outstanding image of your company in the eyes of your potential customers. We design every website to help you enjoy a good percentage of the market share of your industry.

We don’t finalize any WordPress theme during the project without first passing it through you. We understand that web design is not simply about the skills required to design a winning platform for your company. We want to ensure that the project meets the standard and matches the strategy of your company.

We focus on customer satisfaction. Our Ohio company wants to fill your company with more online sales.

We are not simply a WordPress web development agency. We’re a full-service digital marketing agency building business websites, eCommerce websites, blogs, and more.

Our marketing strategy begins and ends on web development. We handle projects ranging from search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, eCommerce web development, and several other digital marketing services.

To kickstart your campaign, our Ohio agency will develop a custom WordPress website (business, eCommerce, blogs).

Anthony Milia

Anthony Milia

Anthony Milia is an author of Marketing Magnifier, marketing consultant, and owner of Milia Marketing, an award-winning Marketing firm located in Cleveland, OH. Anthony helps Small and Medium-sized businesses get the best ROI for their marketing dollars by shedding light on their sales and marketing challenges.