Your Company Leadership Should Have Strong LinkedIn Profiles

In the growing digital world, social media allows businesses to be perceived as collaborative and relevant to potential prospects. However, there is a demand for a more tailored message from companies—especially C-Suite leadership and management.








Many discussions on ways to make corporate social media more personalized have been focusing on one individual–the CEO. Brands are beginning to realize the importance of having the face of the company represented on social media and actively engaging with clients and prospects.

When C-Level executives participate and interact on social media it leads to better connections with customers, employees, and investors. These connections create relationships that resonate with consumers—persuading them to be more observant to your brand. LinkedIn is a great platform to create long-lasting relationships and build your personal and company brand.

Importance of a strong LinkedIn profile

Here are a few reasons and benefits for CEO’s and C-Suite executives to have a strong LinkedIn profile.

  1. Positive public image

By creating a professional profile, CEO’s are able to clearly display their accomplishments, education, company brand and endorsements online. In addition to this, they can post status updates, job openings and new hires to show the success of the company. An important point to mention is a CEO should either have a very strong profile or none at all. An incomplete profile, especially one without an image, can hurt a company’s reputation and perception. Additionally, they can utilize the platform to showcase philanthropy work, volunteering activities, and how they may #giveback to their local community.

  1. Consumer engagement

Creating a LinkedIn profile allows better accessibility to potential consumers to connect and interact with you. When the consumer feels they are able to interact with the CEO, it allows for a more personalized experience that creates trust. C-Suite executives that use social media to communicate brand values are seen as more trustworthy. It allows the CEO to be seen as a peer and it creates a more engaging marketing experience – both for the company and consumer.

  1. Promote your company

Part of having a strong LinkedIn profile is publicizing your company’s products, services, and showing your personal experience and skills.  By having the CEO and other executives display strong, engaging profiles, this gives your company even more value and affirmation.

In addition, LinkedIn’s advertising opportunities provide a paid means of reaching a targeted audience. LinkedIn’s ad targeting platform can be incredibly useful to get in front of CEO’s, consumers, or other employees.

These key points highlight one overarching theme – visibility. Utilizing LinkedIn allows potential clients, consumers, and competition to view and interact with your company and its people. By creating a profile on LinkedIn, your CEO and company are accessible not only through the website but also accessible through search engines. CEO’s need to lead by example and use social media in productive, innovative ways to further promote and grow their brand.

Utilizing LinkedIn attracts positive PR and allows for more ways to communicate with potential clients and companies. These characteristics are something that gives CEO’s – and their company brands – a competitive edge.


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