Digital Marketing For Home Improvement Services

Your home improvement business has the potential to gain more traction online and increase qualified leads with the right digital marketing strategy and team by your side.

Whatever services you render, we can get you from where you are to where you want to be by remodeling and restructuring your marketing strategy to become more sales-focused and successful.
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We Work With All Home Services Businesses

Homeowners are constantly looking for technicians to improve the quality of their homes. They come to the internet looking for your services but cannot find you because your digital marketing strategy does not position you right where they can find you, or you probably don’t have one.

We can help you become a trusted authority in your industry no matter what market or location you serve. Below are some home improvement areas we work with.

Whatever home service you deliver, reach out to us, and we will fix your broken marketing strategy to position your business for more leads, sales, and growth.

What Digital Marketing Services Does Your Home Service Business Need To Achieve Success?

You need a combination of our services to gain traction on the internet and convert potential customers to loyalists.

They include the following:

Website Design and Development

A reliable website should provide matchless ease to the users and potential customers that visit your website. It is one of your first impressions in digital marketing and hugely impacts the rest of the process. We pay a lot of attention to every detail that goes into bringing your website to life.

Our website developers will ensure that your website is error-free, user-friendly, purposeful with every page, SEO-friendly, highly responsive, loads fast, and looks attractive to users. We design your website with a customer-centric approach that offers a seamless experience to your customers when they visit.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once your website goes live, we employ several tactics and strategies that help you rank for all your money keywords across several search engines. Our SEO services start with researching what your customers want and the language they prefer to use. Then, we develop keyword research and content marketing strategy to put your business in front of your target audience, and we monitor changes and areas of improvement.

This results in higher rankings for your most important keywords so that you can appear in search results when ready-to-buy customers search for your services.

Social Media Advertising

A considerable percentage of your potential customers use one or more social media channels when looking for expert technicians to put their homes in order. This population can be converted into loyal customers with the right strategy.

We will determine and choose the right social media channels to promote your business, publish compelling and engaging content to keep them glued to your services, and design social media advertising campaigns that speed up the buying process.

Conversion Rate Optimization

If your website gets plenty of visitors but lacks the power to turn them into leads and customers, there is a problem that needs to be fixed somewhere. Homeowners looking for technicians are impatient and must be met with that same urgency when they visit your website.

We will put your website and strategy through several automated and manual tests to determine what has to be removed or improved for you to start seeing the results you desire.

Programmatic Advertising

Cut down on advertising waste by targeting ads to the perfect buyer using more than just demographics. We display your banner ads to the most valuable customer on their preferred platforms and devices at the right time. This way, you increase your chances of making a sale per each click you get.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Unlike SEO, pay-per-click is a short-term but faster way to pull in qualified leads. We create several ad campaigns and test them in real time to determine the most effective and efficient ways to place your business before your customers and convince them to pay for your services. We design effective landing pages, analyze keywords, and create compelling copywriting.

Heuristic UX Analysis & Audit

Is your website serving the purpose you created it for? Are the pages optimized to give users an optimal and smooth-flowing experience? You may never know until you put it to the test. Our developers and UX experts will run your website through a series of tests to ascertain if it is built to keep the user engaged and satisfied.

Who Is Milia Marketing, And Why Choose Us To Improve Your Online Marketing

Milia Marketing is a full-service digital marketing company helping businesses like yours find qualified leads on the internet and improve sales. We have worked with several companies in the home improvement industry and have earned the trust and referrals of our clients. 

Here’s why we are the best home services agency to bring your vision to life:

We serve several other industries, including healthcare, kitchen and bath, D2C, eCommerce brands, and manufacturing companies. Let us repair your broken strategy and keep you profitable.

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The only way to achieve insurmountable success with your home service business is to be available when homeowners search for your services. Let us position you where you will be found and hired by the highest-paying clients. Work with Milia Marketing and watch your marketing efforts produce results.

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