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Let’s face it, the eCommerce space is a highly competitive terrain, with millions of eCommerce stores fighting for the same spot on search engines. You need more than just the best products in a gorgeous online store to get the customers you want.

You need an experienced team of SEO specialists to get you in front of your customers right where they’re searching and for your most important (money) keywords.

Where are these customers searching?


eCommerce search engine optimization is the most cost-effective, long-term strategy to win prospects over and retain them forever. 

With our tailored search engine marketing strategies, you can become the go-to for all the products you offer. Let our team of experts help get your online store found on search engines. Ask us for a free proposal today, and within one hour, we’ll show you how we’ll get you the valuable leads you’ve missed out on.

If your eCommerce website doesn’t rank on the first page, you’re missing out on a chunk of your market share. You first have to be seen before you can sell.

The best seller isn’t always the one with the best products but the one who’s the most available. Your most valued customers are just on the other side of an expert eCommerce SEO service. Let’s make you available to them.

Connect, Engage, And Convert With Our eCommerce SEO services and Solutions

To get your eCommerce website ahead of the competition and in front of valued prospects, Milia Marketing will follow all industry best practices to create an eCommerce SEO campaign and strategy that aligns with your goals. Our award-winning eCommerce SEO services include:

Custom eCommerce SEO strategy

Before starting our SEO services for eCommerce, we craft a unique strategy for your business. This starts with an SEO audit to understand your brand's challenges and opportunities. We also analyze the industry and competitors to pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement, aiming to surpass competitors in search rankings.

eCommerce Keyword Research And Optimization

Your customers are searching specific words to find specific products or product categories on your eCommerce site. Our experts will identify these relevant, high-converting keywords to determine opportunities for growth and conversion. We'll optimize product titles, descriptions, and meta tags to capture specific user intent.

On-Page SEO and Technical SEO

An effective eCommerce SEO strategy addresses both on-page and off-page errors. We conduct audits to fix crawl errors, broken links, and duplicate content. We use schema markup for enhanced search snippets and boost website speed and mobile responsiveness. We also optimize URL structure, header tags, image alt tags, and enhance internal linking for user navigation and SEO.

Excellent Analytics and Reporting

Our SEO services for your eCommerce website also include implementing tools like Google Analytics (GA4) and Search Console to monitor website performance. We'll schedule monthly SEO meetings for performance reports, including organic traffic, keyword rankings, and conversion rates. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

Why do users visit your website but not take the actions you want them to? Why do they reach the checkout page but never complete a purchase? Our eCommerce SEO services provide answers to those questions by optimizing product pages, product images, and product descriptions to encourage conversion.

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WooCommerce And Shopify SEO Experts

At Milia Marketing, our eCommerce SEO packages are not limited by your choice of eCommerce platform. We’ll develop an effective SEO plan that takes you from low eCommerce sales to increased revenue no matter the platform.

We specialize in WooCommerce and Shopify, which are the two most popular and most efficient eCommerce platforms. These two platforms offer built-in SEO features that enhance SEO efforts and help you reach your goals faster.

We’ll migrate your website from a range of eCommerce platforms to a more secure, efficient, and sales-driven WooCommerce or Shopify platform. 

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Milia Marketing is a highly rated eCommerce SEO company that helps online marketplaces rank on the first page of search engines to increase traffic, qualified leads, and conversion rates. We’re a digital marketing agency and we specialize in eCommerce SEO for eCommerce businesses like yours.

Here’s why our clients choose us:

We’re a trusted eCommerce SEO agency with proven eCommerce SEO results. Let our team replicate those results for you. Schedule a meeting with us to get a free proposal, where we’ll discuss strategies to achieve successful SEO results for your eCommerce site.

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