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Why Choose Milia Marketing?

Experienced PPC Team

We’re a digital marketing agency that has years of experience under our belt. We’ve successfully executed PPC campaigns for local, regional, national, and global businesses from all across the country.

No matter the size of your pay-per-click (PPC) account, we provide marketing services that can help you turn it into something profitable.

Big-Picture Vision

As a marketing company that provides full-service digital solutions, we’re trained to look at the big-picture whenever we make an advertising campaign for our clients. We’ve helped countless e-commerce businesses in their lead generation PPC campaigns.

Tell us your goal, and we’ll help you build a marketing strategy around it.

Whether it’s to increase leads, double sales, or convert visitors to customers, we’ll give you personalized PPC advertising campaigns are designed to help you get the success that you want.

ROI Focused Paid Marketing Services

You’re here because you want to increase your sales and get more customers. We get it and we’re here to help. If we don’t believe that we’re not the best PPC company for you, we’ll tell you upfront.

Milia Marketing is a PPC agency that takes pride in our transparency and integrity in communicating with our clients.

Once you avail of our digital marketing services, we’ll work within your budget to get the best results for your business. We won’t give you numbers that don’t matter. We set realistic expectations based on hard facts and data.

PPC Advertising Company With Strategic Creativity

For a company to increase its leads and customers, it has to be credible, but more importantly, memorable. When it comes to online marketing, you won’t find success in cookie-cutter solutions.

Our team is committed to putting a unique spin on everything we do for our clients. Be it for web design, pay-per-click management, or search engine optimization, creativity is ingrained in every marketing strategy we create.

Own Your PPC Accounts

Unlike other PPC agencies, we don’t remove your ownership| of your PPC accounts. We believe that you should own the data and assets you’ve hired us to optimize.

Our PPC services come with the right balance of doing and teaching. Aside from improving your performance on search engines, we’ll help you increase your insight on digital marketing and paid search. This way, you can continue to facilitate growth for your company even after our PPC campaign has ended.

Pay Per Click Advertising Firm With Multi-Channel Expertise

Every search engine and online marketing channel has its own quirks and policies. Our digital marketing team has completed PPC projects with Google AdWords, Bing ads, Facebook, Instagram paid search campaigns, and more, across multiple channels.

We specialize in e-commerce and lead generation PPC campaigns. Regardless of what you need for your business, we can help.

Is your Google AdWords account underperforming?

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Identify Missed Growth Opportunites

As a digital marketing agency, part of our job is to help you discover opportunities for growth that you’re not taking advantage of yet.

We’ll look into your conversion, targeting, ad relevancy, and other factors that are affecting your website ranking on search results. Then, we’ll work closely with you to improve your business website’s performance through PPC advertising.

Using your current performance as a benchmark allows our agency to create a strategy that’s complementary to your efforts. This way, you can be sure that your budget is being spent on website promotion strategies that can help you achieve the most.

Eliminate Wasted PPC Ad Spend

In 2018, approximately $116 billion was invested in PPC. 15% of that was wasted on erroneous web targeting, wrong online media channels, and other factors. This amounts to over $17.4 billion worth of unprofitable ad spend.

As we craft the best strategy for your website, we’ll make sure that your ads are targeting the right people, are present in the correct channels, and that overall, they’re bringing you the best ROI.

PPC can be complex and the market is ever-changing. If you avail of our services, we’ll help you make sure that your PPC campaign is always evolving so that your budget yields you the best results.

Take Our PPC Findings & Implement Them Yourself

Another great thing about the services we offer in Milia Marketing is first-hand learning. We’ll help you learn the ropes through the entire process so you can pick up valuable information along the way. This way, your marketing team can continue to implement the changes we recommended and improve the ROI of your PPC strategy even after we’ve parted ways. (Honestly though, we never truly part ways. We’ll always be here for guidance when you need it!)

Our PPC Management Process

We have a straightforward approach to PPC for efficiency and easy understanding.

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Meet Your PPC Specialist

One of our team members will be assigned to your PPC campaign. Our PPC specialist will learn everything about your business: your current keyword quality scores and their cost per click, your current SEO strategies, organic search results performance, landing page, website, budget, and others. Along the way, they’ll also be building a communicative working relationship with you so you can collaborate well together throughout the process.

The Research Begins

Next, the keyword research begins. We make sure your ads are targeting relevant, buzz-worthy, long-tail, short-tail, and high-hitting keywords for your business and industry.

Competitor Analysis

Studying competitors is an important step if you want to get ahead. We’ll scope out their online activity and conduct a SWOT analysis for a deep dive into their business. We’ll look into how they promote their website, their SEO and content marketing strategies, how they gather leads, and other pertinent details. Gathering information on your competitors before we get started on crafting your PPC strategy is a good way to gain insight into your industry’s competitive landscape so we know what gaps your business can fill for your customers.

PPC Strategy Creation

Headlines, body text, alt text, you name it. This is where you’ll see us come up with creative solutions based on our extensive research. Here, we’ll build the blueprint for your new PPC strategy. Ironing this out before we get started is the best way to make sure that we’re putting your budget in the areas where you’ll get the most results.

Watch and Adjust

We’ll keep a watchful eye on your PPC metrics daily to ensure that each ad is performing its best. Depending on how each ad is performing, we’ll pause, edit, and adjust accordingly until we find its sweet spot.

Gather Results, Share, and Scale

At the end of your campaign, the PPC specialist assigned to you will report all the results gathered from the ads we ran. This will include performance results, conversions, traffic, and any other metric decided upon in the initial project stages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads is Google’s online advertising program where you can bid to display advertisements to reach audiences interested in your products or services. These ads can be displayed on Google’s search engine and other non-search websites, videos, and apps.
This depends on the industry, your business model, advertising intent, and many other factors. Facebook ads focus on brand awareness and targeting people based on interest while Google Ads focuses on lead conversion and high-search intent leads.
Our process for setting up a Google Ads campaign involves the following:
  • Consultation, questionnaires, and audits
  • Extensive keyword research
  • Contact form and call tracking
  • Ad copy creation and testing
  • Creating custom landing pages
  • Custom reporting
  • Optimization and fine-tuning.
We check your Google Ads account consistently multiple times per week. We monitor your campaign performance by analyzing the weekly conversion and click data. We make necessary adjustments regularly to maintain the optimal performance of your campaign. We can tweak your keywords, ads, devices, ad schedules, ad extensions, negatives, and even landing page CTAs (call to action). We do whatever we have to do to keep your campaign on track and maintain a positive return on investment.