Published August 2022 - #1 New Release on Amazon

Marketing Magnifier

More Insight. More Measurable Growth. More Customers

Endorsed by World Leading Experts

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Verne Harnish

Founder Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

“Marketing Magnifier is a must-read for business leaders who want to break through barriers and make more of an impact with their marketing. Anthony shares invaluable lessons & examples for his readers about the importance of establishing a strong brand, which takes pressure off traditional marketing approaches, and how to structure effective marketing campaigns that deliver.”

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John R. DiJulius III

Author of The Customer Service Revolution

“If you are serious about growing your business with attracting and retaining high-quality customers, Marketing Magnifier is a marketing blueprint to do just that.”

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Jay Baer

Co-author of Talk Triggers

“Marketing Magnifier is filled with excellent advice and unique, compelling examples!”

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John Ruhlin

Author of Giftology

“Every customer interaction is an opportunity to grow or diminish brand equity. In Marketing Magnifier, Anthony does what he does best in laying out a practical, personal, and holistic approach to modern marketing strategies and the tools necessary to pull it off.”