Heuristic UX Analysis and Audit For Websites

Are you wondering why your web/landing pages are pulling in huge bounce rates and low to no sales? The most prevalent reason is that users don’t find your website easy to use or attractive and trustworthy. A Heuristic UX audit service solves that problem FAST!
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What is a Heuristic UX Audit?

Heuristic UX audit service is an expert review of your website to test how usable it is for your users. It is a highly visual report that tests website usability, information architecture, visual design, navigation, user journey, and more.

User-friendliness is an essential feature that makes it easy for users to navigate your website easily, thereby improving SEO, increasing credibility and time spent on the site, and boosting conversions.

The service focuses on the following:

UX (User Experience)

UI (User Interface)

After conducting the heuristic audit and determining what the problems are, we will create categories:




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Benefits of Heuristic UX audits

At Milia Marketing, we will place your website side by side with hundreds of predetermined qualitative or heuristics guidelines to follow, and when implemented, you may experience: 

Workflow/Process of Heuristic UX Audit

Want us to perform a heuristic evaluation of your website to improve usability and boost conversion? All you need to do is fill out our discovery form to request further information about this service and pricing. 

Our UI/UX experts will walk you through areas of your website that require the UX audit and areas of improvement. To help you identify UX issues, we will conduct an in-depth heuristic UX audit on your entire website, report what we discovered, and suggest improvements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost of a heuristic evaluation is $4,000. However, the cost of each evaluator can range from $500 to $10,000.

Usability testing requires a  website evaluation from certain day-to-day website users. With Heuristic evaluation, an expert looks at your website and runs a series of tests, comparing your website against predetermined UX best practices and reporting the problems to you.

Yes! A heuristic evaluation can be done both in the development stage and when the website is already live.

Yes, Milia Marketing can implement the suggestions from the heuristic UX audit report. We would provide you with an estimated number of hours to complete the recommendations within the report.

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