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At Milia Marketing, we partner with healthcare professionals who want to experience a transformation in their marketing strategy, efforts, and results.

We provide healthcare/medical digital marketing solutions that help medical practitioners record a boost in consultations and set higher KPIs.
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Topple The Competition. Attract New Leads. Increase Patient Sessions

Are you finding it challenging to reach more patients even though your experience and expertise surpass that of many competitors in your area? Do you need help getting found on search engines for your most critical keywords? Is your ROI too low for the marketing budget you spend? Are your marketing efforts putting you in the shadow of a larger competitor? 

We will help you change all of that.

We are experienced and dedicated to serving the healthcare industry, which puts us in an advantageous position to understand the perfect marketing strategy that helps you boost ROI. 

We will build a marketing strategy tailored to your business to help you easily stand out from the crowd and experience quick improvement. Let us help you gain relevance in your industry and increase consultations.


The Different Healthcare Professionals We Work With

Whatever healthcare service you offer, you can rest assured we know the best ways to get you in front of patients who need your help. We work with healthcare experts in the following fields:

We are not limited to these fields. We can help you build trust in any medical field and get existing and potential patients to see you as a thought leader and go-to professional for matters related to your field. Let us know how we can help you.

Healthcare Digital Marketing Services We Offer

To help you attain the level of online and industry authority that turns potential patients into loyalists and advocates of your practice, we will provide a combination of two or more of the following services.

They include the following:

Website Design and Development

Your website is one of the first impressions you make to potential patients. A good website should be convincing enough to help users trust you at first glance. We will help you design or redesign your website to provide excellent aesthetics that resonate with your audience and practice.

All our websites load fast and rank on search engines to help you gain more organic reach.

Medical Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic search results drive three times more potential patients to make consultations than non-search results. This means that the more available and present you are on search engines, the more consultations you will receive.

We help you achieve this by conducting in-depth keyword research and analysis, creating a content marketing strategy that puts you in front of potential clients, and maintaining your website to rid it of errors that affect your growth.

Reputation Management

It takes a potential patient only one to six online reviews to decide if they should move on with you. And 80% of online consultations come from patients who have already read a few reviews from past clients and patients.

We will position you as a trusted expert for matters concerning your practice online. Potential and existing patients will look forward to reaching you whenever they need your services.

Physician Listings and Local SEO

We will help you gain relevance by getting you listed on high-authority websites and directories. This results in higher search rankings, more consultations, and trust. We ensure that patients find the right and perfect information about your practice whenever they search.

Our local SEO services will also get you in front of potential patients within your service locations when they search for keywords related to your services.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Potential patients will find you more easily with ads targeted directly to them. Let us help get your ads on the first pages of several search engines for your money keywords. Want to know how we do PPC ads? Find out now.

Website Accessibility

Let us help you cater to people with disabilities who need your help but find it challenging to use your website. Website accessibility is more than just a digital service; it is a legal requirement to help you avoid litigations and negative public opinion.

Social Media Advertising

Take advantage of relevant social media channels to promote your practice and expertise. We can help you maintain a trustworthy and authoritative reputation on social media while also pulling qualified leads to your website and physical location.

Programmatic Advertising

We can help you target patients more precisely by using an automated method of targeting and retargeting that places your ad before valuable patients who directly or indirectly need your service. These ads will be displayed before them at the right time and on their preferred channels.

For every industry we serve, we use a strategy tailored to their needs. We understand that customers interact with different companies differently, and rightly so, since they expect different results in different timelines. 

Customers wouldn’t mind waiting a few weeks to have their kitchen and bathroom cabinets delivered to them. However, they may not have the same patience when they have a toothache and need a doctor. If this applies, then the mode of marketing would also need to be tailored to that need.

What sets our healthcare digital marketing agency apart from the rest?

We don’t just ask you to trust us; we show you why you should. Check out our results page to see businesses that have excelled under our watch, including medical practitioners. 

Here are a few reasons to trust us.

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