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It’s critical for small- to mid-sized businesses to understand their customers and ensure that their experience is consistently positive, whether it’s online or on-site. Join Award-winning marketer and author, Anthony Milia, for an action-packed session to learn the dos and don’ts of marketing to form a strategy for bringing in new customers and keeping current customers coming back. What we will cover: common marketing mistakes and how to avoid them, best practices for creating a consistent customer experience, how to reach new customers and developing a marketing strategy for customer retention.
What we will cover:

From Repeatable to Remarkable:Processes that Elevate Service Delivery

Have you ever wondered how some businesses manage to leave a lasting impression, while others simply blend into the background? The secret often lies in the little details, the behind-the-scenes processes that make every interaction feel special. In this talk, we’ll explore the simple yet profound journey of refining everyday routines into experiences that resonate. Think of it as tweaking a family recipe to make it even more heartwarming. We’ll share stories, insights, and easy-to-adopt strategies that can help transform your service from routine to remarkable. Let’s chat about the small changes that can make a big difference in how your business connects with people.


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Tap into my expertise to empower your audience with actionable insights in marketing that resonate in today’s digital landscape. Whether on stage or screen, I deliver presentations that are not only informative but also engaging, tailored to your specific audience’s needs. Contact me to bring the pulse of modern marketing to your next event.

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