Fortune 500 Launches eCommerce Solution to Liquidate $2.5MM in Inventory

Consumer Goods (Headquartered in Independence, Ohio)

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Company Overview

Kichler Lighting is driven to provide its customer with a unique lighting experience that brings people closer. They are proud to bring designer savvy and relevant lighting that cohesively refurbish all the rooms in and outside of the home.

It is among the Fortune 500 organizations because of its innovative approach and vast customer base. Their lighting fixtures are fit for any style, design, and ambiance.


Consumer Goods (B2B2C)

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Our Approach and Strategy

The Kichler Lighting Director Supply Chain contacted Milia Marketing in Dec 2019 and asked for a Custom eCommerce Website Solution. We came on board by understanding their needs and performed a comprehensive analysis of the situation and idea presented.

Early on, we collaborated with multiple departments including IT, Finance, Sales, Branding and Marketing, Supply Chain, and Customer Service to carry out this project.

Our approach was to get all the details on every individual product and SKU. We researched information such as use, price, weight, product information/details, product photos, etc. on the web. Since these products were discontinued, they didn’t have the product data stored within their database anymore.

We chose Shopify as our eCommerce Platform and began the process to design and develop a custom solution to meet their objectives and expectations. 


Kichler Lighting approached us to create a solution that would allow them to sell $2.5MM in discontinued inventory. They were faced with a very limited timeline to complete this project along with a limited budget. 

The discontinued products were taking up inventory space and selling it would 1.) free up space and 2.) add sales revenue to their bottom-line.

However, the challenge was how to do it in a very short time as the inventory was discontinued and simply sitting in their facility.

They had an immediate need and wanted an eCommerce website just for their employees and their friends and family. The aim was to showcase inventory at very low prices and sell  the discontinued inventory internally to 50,000 employees. Any failure to sell this inventory would have resulted in huge loss to the company’s bottom line.

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