How Pressure Components increased website users by 41.4% and attracted major clients.

Hydraulic Components (Solon, Ohio)

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Company Overview

Pressure Components has been in the hydraulics industry since 1985. They are a leading supplier of quality hydraulic components including high pressure ball valves, quick disconnect couplings, diagnostic products and pipe, tune and hose clamps. Pressure Components serves customers in a wide range of industries including: Industrial, Agricultural, Offshore, Mining, Construction, Pressure Wash, Petrochemical, Renewable Energies, and more.


Hydraulic Components (B2B2C)

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Our Approach and Strategy

The Milia Marketing team went to the drawing board with a clear objective in mind: to develop a modern website that reflected the true brand image of Pressure Components Inc.

First, we added a section for catalogs on the website to display products the company was selling. This helped the clients to get all the information they wanted directly from the website and they did not have to ask the company for information on the products. Then we took photographs of the company site and collected drone footage to display the state of the art facility on the website and gain customer trust.


Our content specialists provided a compelling copy for the website which resulted in high conversions. It helped the customers understand how the products can solve their needs and offer them value. Finally, we launched the website after testing the security and its performance with the latest tools.


Pressure Components first developed their website in the early ’90s. Their main concern was that their website was very outdated and they were missing huge opportunities for online business. There was not much information on the website about the components they were selling, and they lost many customers due to incomplete information. 

The company wanted a new website that mirrored a true image of its brand and attracted large international clients. They wanted all their information displayed in an organized manner and sell their products directly through the website too.

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