Milia Marketing Empowers Calkins Law Firm with Local SEO and Marketing Consulting Expertise

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Introduction and Client Background

Calkins Law Firm, a well-established legal firm in Cleveland, OH, experienced significant growth in their online presence and client base through a strategic partnership with Milia Marketing. This case study delves into the challenges Calkins Law Firm faced, the solutions provided by Milia Marketing, and the remarkable results achieved through Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing Consulting.

Calkins Law Firm is a reputable legal firm based in Cleveland, OH, specializing in business, real estate, and estate planning law. With a commitment to providing personalized service and delivering outstanding results, Calkins Law Firm has earned the trust of clients across the region.


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Milia Marketing’s expertise and tailored solutions led to impressive results for Calkins Law Firm, as evidenced by the marketing performance report:
  1. A 68% increase in Google My Business views.
  2. A 40% increase in website traffic, with 70% coming from organic search.
  3. A 20% increase in client inquiries, demonstrating the effectiveness of the Local SEO and Marketing Consulting efforts.
These positive outcomes highlight Milia Marketing’s commitment to delivering practical solutions and tangible results for their clients.

The Solution

Milia Marketing addressed these concerns by offering a tailored approach that focused on Local SEO, Marketing Consulting, conversion tracking, call tracking and monitoring, and marketing strategies. Key solutions included:
  1. Local SEO: Milia Marketing implemented various local SEO techniques to enhance Calkins Law Firm’s online visibility, making it easier for potential clients to find their services.
  2. Marketing Consulting: Milia Marketing provided expert guidance to help Calkins Law Firm develop and execute effective marketing strategies to attract and retain clients.
  3. Conversion Tracking and Call Tracking and Monitoring: Milia Marketing set up comprehensive tracking systems to monitor conversions and calls, allowing Calkins Law Firm to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.


Prior to engaging Milia Marketing, Calkins Law Firm encountered several challenges while searching for a marketing agency:
  1. Poor communication and lack of transparency from potential marketing partners.
  2. Inadequate reporting, making it difficult to track the effectiveness of marketing efforts.
  3. Agencies not delivering results on time or failing to meet expectations.
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