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Research found that Google Ads reach more than 90% of all internet users, including the older demographics. Imagine that you can reach 90% of your target audience by simply setting up a cost-effective, data-driven, results-oriented paid search campaign. 

That's what we'll do for you at Milia Marketing.
By creating highly targeted PPC ad campaigns for seniors and their families, we will help you achieve the following:
Our senior living pay-per-click and Google Ads service doesn't just get you the views and clicks; we ensure the ads convert by targeting people who are interested in the services you provide.
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Boost Your Move-In Rate With Expert PPC and Google Ads Services

At Milia Marketing, we focus on improving your marketing efforts all around to make room for unhindered success. Here’s what we do for you through Google ads and pay-per-click advertising.

Campaign Setup and Management

Our PPC specialists will create data-driven campaigns that ensure your ads reach the ideal audience and pull in qualified leads. Partnering with us means more potential residents and families recognizing the value of your community and choosing it as their top choice for senior living,

Intensive Keyword Research

We identify the search terms and phrases that potential residents and their families are using to find senior living options, making sure your community appears prominently in their search results. We help you target highly specific keywords that lead visitors to your site.

Ad Copy and Design

We craft compelling and engaging ad copy that highlights the unique and appealing features of your community, resonating with potential residents and their families. Our ad and landing page copy incorporates compelling content and calls to action (CTA) that attract, engage, and convert prospects.

Ongoing Campaign Optimization

We don't stop at publishing the ad. With our pay-per-click ad campaigns for senior living communities, we constantly monitor and optimize the ad to ensure you're targeting keyword phrases that drive ROI.

Google Search Ads

Older adults and their families use Google to search for the right communities for them. In their search, we will ensure to target relevant and competitive keywords that help your ads get displayed where these prospects can see them and take the actions you want them to. 

Display Ads

With visually engaging banners and display ads, we strategically position your community across a vast network of websites, apps, and videos in the Google Display Network. Our Display Ads contribute to higher inquiries and conversions, building brand awareness and reputation for your senior living community,

Remarketing Campaigns

We strategically retarget warm leads who have visited your site before through our pay-per-click campaign, keeping your community top-of-mind. We'll also retarget prospects that interact with all your marketing channels.

Creating Effective Landing Pages

More than just targeting relevant keywords and creating campaigns, paid advertising must be complemented with an excellent landing page. When older people search for your services and find your ad, they must land on a user-friendly, informative, and accessible page. We'll design one that matches the needs of the user and also represents your brand.

A/B Testing and CRO

We'll test your ad strategy, landing page, copy, and more to understand why visitors are not taking the actions you want. We'll ensure that when someone clicks on your ad, they contact you and spark a conversation.

Our Approach To Creating Revenue-Driven Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

While the ultimate goal is to win new residents to your senior living facility, we understand your community’s goals are unique. At Milia Marketing, we create a strategy that is unique to your brand and story, ensuring that your PPC and Google Ads campaigns reach the right audience and enhance your marketing efforts.

Convert Prospective Residents and Elevate Your Senior Living Community: Choose Milia Marketing

Milia Marketing is a full-service digital marketing company providing online marketing services to senior living communities. We have been serving in this industry since 2016 and have delivered excellent results for communities like yours. Here’s why our clients choose us:

Expertise in senior living marketing

We have worked with communities like yours to enhance marketing efforts and increase move-in rates. Milia Marketing has been serving in this industry since 2016, and by entrusting your PPC campaigns to our revenue-driven approach, you can anticipate a boost in inquiries, higher occupancy rates, and, ultimately, increased revenue for your senior living community. 

Experienced team of PPC and Google Ads specialists

Our PPC and Google Adwords specialists have provided digital advertising services to several businesses and understand the best way to improve your campaigns. Aside from our expertise in PPC and Google Ads, we also collaborate with our SEO specialists to help you achieve organic search results and provide all-around excellent marketing.

Client testimonials and success stories

We’ve worked with several companies in different industries, including senior living communities. Our expertise and experience, particularly in this industry, have helped us provide excellent results for our clients.

Transparency and reporting

We schedule and hold meetings where we report the progress and performance of your ads using high-end tools like Google Analytics 4. We don’t report useless metrics. We understand that your goal is to make your ads appear high on search engine results pages and reach and convert your most valued customers—that’s what we report.

We serve several other industries, including healthcare, kitchen and bath, D2C, eCommerce brands, and manufacturing companies. Let us repair your broken strategy and keep you profitable.

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